If you strive to be the best early years practitioner, you should choose Norland

It’s hard to summarise in a few words why we’re considered the best. There are so many reasons. Partly it’s our 130-year reputation for pioneering early years training and producing the best early years practitioners, backed up by our high quality teaching and learning. Partly it’s the award-winning training you’ll receive that perfectly blends theory, practice and extensive real-world experience alongside a unique value-added curriculum. It’s also the incredible support you’ll receive throughout your studies and for the rest of your career when you join the Norland family and become a small part of history.

Most of all, it’s the outstanding career opportunities you’ll have as soon as you earn your professional title ‘Norlander’ or ‘Norland Nanny’ aided by your very own recruitment agency and backed up by the world-famous Norland name.

group of Norland students training to become an early years practitioner in formal uniform in their first week studying Norland's early years degree

“Through Norland, I really have found my love of learning. I think it’s because it’s something I’m truly passionate about."

Having always wanted to work with children and considered being a teacher, Holly reflects on how attending a Norland open day made her realise that this is where she wanted to study. She discusses the balance between theory and practice, implementing her knowledge on placement and her ambitions for the future.

"This is where England started to feel like home. I really found my people, where I belong and what I'm passionate about, and that I can just owe to Norland."

Jessica is a mature student from South Africa and feels that the Norland community has made the UK feel like home. She discusses her passion for childcare, her time at Norland so far and the international job prospects available to her once she graduates.

International students

"I still remember exactly where I was when I was awarded my bursary!"

Emily discusses how she overcame the financial hurdles of studying at Norland in her My Norland Story in order to pursue her dream of being an early years practitioner and becoming a Norland Nanny.

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Some of our students share their Norland stories

a female in her uniform

"I love to make a difference in children's lives and Norland allows me to do that."

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a male student in uniform smiling

“Norland is an investment in yourself.” – Matthew’s story

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a female Norland student at her graduation

"So far, being international has always been a bonus when applying for new jobs."

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male Norland nanny in uniform interacting with peers in lecture

“My time at Norland so far has been an extraordinary adventure."

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“What has really stood out for me are the job opportunities I’ve had as a student” – Helen’s story

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a female student who received a bursary on a film set

"I don't think anyone can quite get into words exactly what Norland means to you because it's such an amazing thing to be a part of."

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female head shot

“Never have I been in an environment with more considerate, kind and loving people as at Norland” – Abi’s story

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female head shot

“Norland has brought out the best of me and I feel that being at Norland will bring the best out of you and make you the best practitioner you can be” – Leah’s story

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