Norland Nannies are one of the most flexible forms of childcare available

Norland Nannies offer a range of specialist childcare provision to fit the needs of your family. You can stipulate hours to fit your family needs, employ a temporary nanny for your holiday or a maternity nurse to work with you when you first bring your baby home.

All Norland Nannies are taught to have a flexible approach to their practice meaning they work with you to bring up your children how you want to, in line with best practice standards.

Norland Nannies are in high demand and we are therefore unable to provide candidates for every registered position. We will do all we can to help you find the perfect nanny and pride ourselves on the honest and professional service we provide for all of our clients.

You can also choose to employ a Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN), a probationary nanny who has completed three years of intensive early years training at Norland. If you live in or around Bath or in South West London, and need an extra pair of hands, you can request a Norland student placement.

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Select the nanny to fit your family needs

Permanent nanny

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A permanent nanny can work on a live-in (residential) or live-out (daily) basis, full- or part-time. If you require 24-hour care we recommend employing more than one nanny on a rota basis.

  • Live-in (residential) or live-out (daily)
  • Full-time (between 50-60 hours per week) or part-time (up to 50 hours per week)
  • A live-in nanny generally works up to 12 hours per day and accommodation is provided by the family
  • A live-out nanny generally works 10 hours a day and travels to and from your house each day
  • Rota nannies can be employed for 24-hour care
  • Occasional proxy parenting can be included in contract

Temporary nanny

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A temporary nanny ranges from providing childcare for a one-day event up to 13 weeks and can be employed on a live-in (residential) or live-out (daily) basis, full or part time.

  • From a one-day event up to 13 weeks
  • Live-in (residential) or live-out (daily)
  • Full-time (between 50-60 hours per week) or part-time (up to 50 hours per week)
  • A live-in nanny generally works up to 12 hours per day and accommodation is provided by the family
  • A live-out nanny generally works 10 hours a day and travels to and from your house each day

Maternity practitioner

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A fully qualified Norland Nanny who is either qualified through experience or has completed a maternity practitioner course. A Norland maternity practitioner specialises in providing newborn baby care, support and guidance.

  • Usually 24-hour a day care for five to six days a week
  • Employed for a period of several weeks to several months
  • Helps to care for newborn babies and provides support and guidance
  • Tends to sleep in the same room as the baby/babies to help with night feeds
  • If baby is being breastfed, they will bring baby to mum for feeding and then resettle afterwards

Newly Qualified Nanny

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A Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) has completed three years of intensive early years training at Norland and is seeking a family for their first one-year role as a probationary nanny.

  • One-year fixed-term contract
  • Full-time
  • Live-in (residential) or live-out (daily)
  • Live-in (45-60 hours plus an evening of babysitting) or live-out (between 45-50 hours per week)
  • Family must have at least one child under four years 11 months who is not attending either full-time nursery or school
  • Family must be based in England or Wales

Rota nanny

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A rota nanny works 24 hours per day, typically one week on/off or two weeks on/off, alongside another nanny. This is increasingly popular for families with very busy lifestyles, or for those who travel a lot. They will conduct all typical nursery duties and provide continuous care for the children.

  • Live in while on duty and live out on their weeks off
  • 24/7 cover
  • Works in rota with another nanny
  • Great flexibility for busy households

Proxy parent

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A proxy parent provides 24-hour wrap-around care in the absence of the parent(s)They have sole responsibility for the running of the house, care of any pets, liaison with other staff etc.  

  • 24-hour wrap-around care  
  • Live-in (residential) 
  • Temporary employment  
  • Accommodation is provided by the family 
  • Sole responsibility for running the house

Wedding & event nanny

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Whether you’re planning or attending a wedding, christening or family party, an event nanny will create the perfect environment for happy children and happy parents. 

  • Temporary employment 
  • Flexible hours and approach 
  • Live-in (residential) or live-out (daily), subject to event location 
  • Accommodation for a live-in nanny is provided by the family 

Student placement

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If you need an extra pair of hands and have young children at home, you may be interested in hosting a Norland student who is still training on a family placement.

  • Live-out (daily) in Bath only, 8 hours per day, Mon-Thurs for families with children under the age of four who are at home full-time
  • Families with multiples live-out in Bath or live-in within an hour’s drive of Bath
  • Live-in (residential) in South West London or within an hour’s drive of Bath for families with at least one child under two years and one child under five years

Frequently asked questions

Yes, at the Norland Agency we only work with graduates of Norland. All our candidates have successfully completed a childcare qualification in early years alongside the prestigious Norland diploma. Candidates who qualified after 2008 will have a BA (Hons) degree.

The agency can place permanent and temporary nannies as well as maternity practitioners. These positions can be full-time or part-time, with the agency working hard to find the right fit for you based on your family’s needs.

Salaries will vary depending on the type of nanny, their level of experience, location and number of hours worked. Visit our salaries and fees page for salary guidelines

No, our agency fee is only applicable if we are successful in finding you a suitable candidate. Visit our salaries and fees page to find out more about our agency fees

Live-out nannies tend to work 50 hours per week, usually 10 hours per day five days per week, whereas live in nannies usually work 60 hours per week, so 12-hour days. The large majority of candidates prefer to work Monday to Friday and the agency recommends nannies have two consecutive days off per week.

This will vary depending on the type of role and availability of candidates but, on average, we recommend giving yourself three months to advertise and interview. A lot of nannies may have a one- or two-month notice period and, due to the high demand, it can sometimes take a while to find a suitable candidate.

Nannies do not usually meet Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) criteria for self-employment. There are, however, exceptions. Our maternity practitioners are quite often registered as self-employed, alongside some temporary nannies, and in this case they would be responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance. For permanent positions, families will be responsible for setting the nanny up on payroll. More information on employer’s obligations can be found on our legal responsibilities page

Norland Nannies focus on the early years (0-8 years). The Norland diploma prepares our nannies for all the practical aspects of the care and development of children in the early years, as well as critical professional and life skills. That is not to say Norland Nannies will not go on to care for older children, with some working as governesses or teachers, but the majority tend to work with younger children.

Sole-charge nannies are where the nanny is solely responsible for the care of the child or children during the day. Shared care is when the nanny works alongside someone else, such as a parent. Roles may often be a mixture of sole charge and shared care and this will be specified on your advert.

A residential nanny is a live-in nanny, where the nanny either lives in the family home or accommodation is provided by the employer. A daily nanny is a live-out nanny, and the nanny will commute to work and go home at the end of each day.

Yes, subject to visas, Norland Nannies can work anywhere in the world. Please note, it is the family’s responsibility to support and fund a work visa for your nanny. We do not, however, unfortunately have a license to place in Scotland.

Before sending any CVs, the agency will ensure all candidates have an up-to-date Enhanced DBS check, 12-hour Paediatric First Aid and at least two verified recent references.

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