Gaining skills through our value-added curriculum is what truly sets our graduates apart

An early years degree and diploma from Norland is unlike any other early childhood studies qualification. It’s our value-added curriculum that truly makes ours an early years degree with a difference.

Thoulstone Park

As an early bonding opportunity, you’ll visit Thoulstone Park in Wiltshire during Welcome Week and take part in a range of outdoor activities, from canoeing to forest walks.

Children’s theatre

Opened in 2005, the egg is one of the few specialised children’s theatres outside London. A three-hour workshop delivered by an expert practitioner will help you to build confidence and creativity and strengthen the bonds you share with your peers. You’ll also learn drama games that you can take to your placements and enjoy with the children in your care.

Security and cybersecurity training

You’ll receive specialist security training from former military intelligence officers, including how to stay safe online and how to deal with potential security risks, as part of your Employment Weeks training.

Norland students participating in creativity workshop

Forest school

While studying at Norland, you’ll spend a day at forest school creating and developing a range of activities for children of various ages. These experiential activities are important for developing reflective practice.

Self-defence training

You’ll receive self-defence training led by a highly respected 7th-degree black belt in tae kwon do. You’ll attend a three-hour workshop in self-defence early on in your training. You’ll attend a second self-defence class during Employment Weeks as a refresher and to learn how to protect your charges in buggies and prams or while walking.

Norland diploma activity day

In your first year, you’ll spend a day out devoted to the Norland diploma programme, exploring a range of activities transferable for use with children of all ages. A lovely way to round off the first year of study at Norland.

Skid pan driving

You’ll undertake skid pan driving in your final year during Employment Weeks to learn how to control a car under any circumstances, including adverse weather conditions, handling distractions from children in the vehicle and other potential hazards and risks.

Children’s Hospice South West

Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) cares for children and families who live in South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset, West Wiltshire, Bristol, and North Somerset. The hospice is an imaginative restoration of a listed farm and farm buildings, which has retained the homely feel of the farmhouse while providing stunning and spacious accommodation. In your second year, you’ll visit the hospice to gain an insight into how it runs and to introduce you to the environment and the volunteers who keep the hospice open through fundraising.

Infant massage workshop

During Employment Weeks, you’ll attend an infant massage workshop focused on connection, communication and closeness. Exploring the origins of this worldwide practice and learning about the benefits of using infant massage on babies and infants, you’ll gain a deep insight into how baby massage promotes positive nurturing touch and beneficial connections between parent/caregiver and child. You’ll learn how this ancient art connects deeply with infants, helping you to understand their non-verbal language and respond with love and respectful listening, empowering you as a caregiver.

Guest lectures

Guest lecturers are regularly welcomed to Norland to share their expert knowledge and experience in a range of fields. The programme is updated each year to ensure you have access to the very latest early years research and expertise throughout your three years of training. Recent guest lectures include anti-discriminatory practice and physical development masterclasses.

student having advanced driving lesson as part of the value added curriculum

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Your Employment Weeks will fully prepare you for the world of work

In the final year of your early years degree, you’ll gain vital employment skills in preparation for your Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) year. You’ll spend eight weeks in a series of lectures and activities specifically designed to prepare you for your first role.

The schedule changes each year but a typical Employment Weeks programme may include: baby massage, children with food, London orientation, bereavement coaching, finance and contracts, safeguarding, fire safety, first aid, interview techniques, Aga training and Debrett’s etiquette training to improve your communication skills and build your confidence in any social situation. You are not required to wear uniform during your Employment Weeks.

student in class listening to lecturer

Performances by the Norland Signing Choir

The Norland Signing Choir and Norland Choir performed What a Wonderful World at the 2021 Christmas Carol Service.
A virtual performance by the Norland Signing Choir using Makaton which is part of the value added curriculum
Students who learned Makaton as part of the value added curriculum perform at the Norland Christmas Carol Service

Students share their Norland stories

"I found out that nannying was a career and that I could be in a family home and I liked the ability to make closer relationships with individual children."


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"I just really like the idea of being able to work within a family unit and work together as a team to make the best possible experience for their children."


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"I love what I do because I get to work with so many children. I get to make such a positive contribution to their lives."


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“If you are passionate about working with children, there is no better place to study than Norland.”


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“Norland doesn’t just make you a nanny, it makes you an amazing early years practitioner.”


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“My time at Norland has been so memorable and is one of the best things I have ever done. … If I could, I would do it all again."


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"I can easily say that, three years later, we all agree it has been the best thing for me as a person and for my career."


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"The beauty of the Norland name means you can end up anywhere in the world"


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