After beginning her university life studying psychology, Alice found that it wasn’t for her and relocated to the US with her parents. It was there that she discovered her passion for early years education and Norland. 

“I had spent a year at university studying psychology, starting the course straight away after sixth form. After a year, I realised I didn’t feel passionate about the subject anymore and at the same time my parents were moving to America. That’s when I decided that I would discontinue my studies and move with them. Upon making this decision, my parents told me I had a year in which they would support me financially and emotionally as long as I focused on figuring out what I wanted to do with my future. Then, by chance, I started nannying for three girls whilst living in America and absolutely fell in love with them and nannying.

“After informing my parents that I wanted to make nannying my career, I told them about a university called Norland.”




female in Norland nanny uniform standing with a man in a suit

“After watching a TV documentary and coming to an open day, it was clear that the opportunities Norland presented were unmatched by anything else I looked in to.”

I also liked the smaller setting of Norland as I found I was a bit lost within a larger university and Norland provided me with a lot more guidance and structure. Something I knew I needed!

“My parents and I had many lengthy discussions about what would be different this time and that I needed to be sure it’s what I wanted to do as it was such an investment. I can easily say that, three years later, we all agree it has been the best thing for me as a person and for my career. 

The thing that’s stood out the most for me is the feeling of community. I think I’m in a very lucky position having been to both a large university and Norland as it makes me appreciate Norland that little bit more. The level of care you get from the staff is nothing like at large universities where your personal tutor may have 100 other tutees. At Norland you are one of 12 and any lecturer will happily sit and chat to you if needed. They all want to see you do well and succeed. 

 Norland training will benefit my career immensely. There’s the obvious benefit of being able to call myself a Norland Nanny, but the patience it has taught me, and the understanding of children is something I won’t take for granted. 

 I thought at 18 that I wanted to go to university and become some amazing psychologist. However, when I got there, I very quickly realised that it wasn’t what I wanted and upon reflection realised I had rushed my decision because I thought that it was expected of me to go to university. If you’re not sure, take some time out. A new opportunity may present itself or it may confirm your choice. I was 21 when I eventually started at Norland and I would say that taking time out was a huge benefit. Finally, Norland is hard work, but you won’t regret deciding to become part of the Norland family. 

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