a female Norland Nanny in training smiling
20 September 2022 / Blog

How I fund my studies: Rhianna

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a Norlander's badge
15 September 2022 / Blog

The history of Norland in 13 objects: the first Norlander speedwell badge

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a norland nanny talking to a child
9 September 2022 / Blog

Supporting young children through bereavement

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female giving presentation
7 September 2022 / News

Dr Janet Rose and Julia Gaskell awarded Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship from the University of Massachusetts

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a plate with plants and flowers
18 July 2022 / Blog

8 children’s activities for keeping cool in the summer

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large norland hat etching icon

Heritage, ethos & vision

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large sewing machine, which is taught on the diploma, etching icon

BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning & Norland Diploma – 2022 entry

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large student badge etching icon

The Norland reputation

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