Term one - Autumn 2021Dates
Welcome week6 September 2021
Start of term13 September 2021
Half term25 October - 29 October 2021
End of term10 December 2021

Term two - Spring 2022Dates
Start of term10 January 2022
Half term21 February - 25 February 2022
End of term8 April 2022

Term three - Summer 2022Dates
Start of term3 May 2022
End of term24 June 2022


Term one - Autumn 2022Dates
Welcome week5 September 2022
Start of term12 September 2022
Half term24 October - 28 October 2022
End of term9 December 2022

Term two - Spring 2023Dates
Start of term9 January 2023
Half term20 February - 24 February 2023
End of term6 April 2023

Term three - Summer 2023Dates
Start of term2 May 2023
End of term23 June 2023

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Megan’s journey to becoming a fourth-generation nanny

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Dr Janet Rose to deliver emotion coaching talk at Achievement for All conference

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Norland launches bespoke advisory service for families

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Royal Heirs: The Heir to the Throne (ZDF)

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