a female Norland Nanny student in uniform outside gates
Student // Molly, 18-21

"It might seem scary to go to such a specialised university but the training we receive is unparalleled and the experiences we have alongside training are so much fun."

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a female Norland student in her uniform
Student // Chloe, 22-30

"I would recommend Norland to anyone who is looking for the best early years training, opportunities and career."

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a female international norland student who is studying an early years degree in her uniform smiling
Student // Jessica, 22-30

"This is where England started to feel like home. I really found my people, where I belong and what I'm passionate about, and that I can just owe to Norland."

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a female at her graduation
Alumni // Maggie, 22-30

"Now that I’ve been a qualified nanny for a few years, I can say that employers love having an international nanny! So far, being international has always been a bonus when applying for new jobs."

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a female in uniform on a film set with a clapper board
Student // Lois, 18-21

"I love what I do because I get to work with so many children. I get to make such a positive contribution to their lives."

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a female student sat on a wall smiling
Student // Holly, 18-21

"It's a door to so many other doors and opportunities. It's the next step in both my personal journey and my professional journey in being the best person I can be."

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a female in her uniform
Student // Lucy, 18-21

"I love to make a difference in children's lives and Norland allows me to do that."

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