Help with your study and living costs

There are several financial options available to help with your study and living costs: 

  • Our Emily Ward Bursary scheme provides a limited number of means-tested bursaries. 
  • You may be eligible for a government student loan or grant to cover some of your tuition fees and living costs.
  • As a Norland student you are eligible to apply for a loan from Future Finance, the UK’s largest private student lender.
  • Some Norland students have successfully obtained grants and bursaries through scholarships or awards from organisations they have links with. 
  • Many students work whilst studying and during the holiday periods and there is strong demand for Norland students to provide help with childcare.
  • We offer a fees payment by instalment plan across the academic year to help to spread the costs.

Further information on these financial options is given below.


Contact the Finance team to discuss financial options and bursaries

[email protected]

group of Norland students training to become an early years practitioner in formal uniform in their first week studying Norland's early years degree

Emily Ward Bursary

The Emily Ward Bursary scheme, named after Norland’s founder, provides a limited number of bursaries each year. The amount awarded varies, with the majority being an annual contribution towards tuition fees of £1,000 to £2,000 rising to £8,825 (the entire difference between the tuition fee and student loan) for a small number of students, for the duration of the three-year course. 

In 2020/21, a total of £186,371 was awarded in bursaries, providing 25% of all students with financial support. 

The deadline for bursary applications to be submitted for 2022 entry is Friday 1 April 2022.

All bursaries are means-tested, meaning that students who can demonstrate that their household income is low or limited are especially considered. In addition, we also give consideration to applicants from the following under-represented groups at Norland: 

  • Male and non-binary students 
  • Students of under-represented ethnicities
  • Mature students 
  • Students that are care leavers 

All bursaries are dependent on the completion of an application form, which is considered by the Norland Bursary Committee. If you are offered a place on our course, whether conditional or unconditional, bursary application details will be sent to you and you will be notified as soon as possible after a decision has been made. If successful, the bursary will be awarded for the entire duration of the threeyear course, subject to the successful completion of each year. 

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an image of the founder of Norland, Emily Ward, who has a bursary named after her

Loans and grants

The Office for Students (OfS) has registered Norland as an approved provider of Higher Education. This means that if you are an eligible student from England you will be able to access financial support through the Student Loans Company towards the cost of tuition fees and living costs.

You can apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee student loan of up to £6,165 per year. The amount you apply for is paid directly to Norland by Student Finance England. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the fee loan borrowed and the total tuition fee payable to Norland. The loan is not means tested and you will only need to start paying back the loan once you have left the course and are earning over £25,000.

You can also apply to Student Finance England for a student loan to contribute towards your living costs, a portion of the loan is means-tested. You can start to pay this loan back at the same time as you start paying back your tuition fee loan.

Read the government guide on how to apply to Student Finance England for tuition fee and living cost loans

There is a different process for applying for student finance if you are from Scotland (visit the Student Awards Agency Scotland), Wales (visit Student Finance Wales) or Northern Ireland (visit Student Finance NI).

Norland College partners with Future Finance, the UK’s largest private student lender, to provide an alternative source of funding for our students.

About Future Finance Loans:

  • Loans are offered from £2,000 – £40,000 to cover both tuition and living costs
  • Loans are offered to UK, EU and international students with a UK domiciled address
  • Loans are available to students studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level (though Norland does not currently provide a postgraduate course)

Norland will be required to verify attendance on the course before any funding is released. Any loan funds requested for tuition fees will be released directly to Norland to be applied towards tuition fees, and loans for living costs will be paid directly to you.

To apply, you can submit an application online up to six months prior to the course start date. To find out more, check your eligibility or to submit an application visit the Future Finance webpage for Norland students

Other ways to help finance your studies

Termly fees collected by Direct Debit, may be paid over eight instalments, due on or around the 1st of October, November, December, February, March, April, May and June. For more information on this scheme please contact the Finance team at [email protected]

In previous years, Norland students have successfully obtained grants and bursaries through scholarships or awards via their local councils, organisations that they may have volunteered with, or through links with past employers.

Many students work whilst at Norland and during the holiday periods. There is a strong demand for Norland students to provide childcare duties. In addition to nannying and babysitting positions, students have previously worked within childcare settings in ski resorts, summer sun holiday destinations and cruise ships. However, it should be acknowledged that the Norland course is demanding, and home study expectations are high, therefore caution should be exercised to ensure any work commitments do not affect your studies.

All students have the opportunity to work for Norland, creating a valuable source of student income. We employ Student Charity Reps, Student Librarians, Student Brand Ambassadors as well as Staff and Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) members. These vital posts give students the opportunity to play an important role within Norland, supporting fellow students, Norland initiatives and enabling effective communication between staff and the student body. All students are encouraged to get involved.

We recently surveyed our second and third year-students about their part-time and holiday work and here are the results:

  • 92% had undertaken babysitting or weekend work caring for children whilst studying at Norland
  • 90% had taken a holiday nanny job. Most of these were during the summer (99%) but many also took on work during their Easter holiday (50%) and during the Christmas break (41%)
  • While most holiday jobs were UK-based (84% of students), over half of students had also worked overseas (51%)
  • The top locations for UK holiday jobs were London, Bath, and Cornwall and Bristol (joint third)
  • The top locations for holiday jobs overseas were Spain, France and Italy
  • While the hourly rates for holiday jobs varied, the average hourly rate was £9.71; well above the national minimum wage in 2019/20 of £6.15 for 18-20 year olds and £7.70 for 21 to 24 year olds

Please note that international visa students have no working rights in the UK while Norland is a probationary sponsor. This means visa students can’t work while studying. This includes all formal working arrangements including all ‘non paid’ formal volunteering arrangements.

Some students choose to defer their course start date by a year or more to allow additional time to finalise financial arrangements. Please contact us if you would be interested in this option by emailing [email protected]

The Norland Finance team are committed to making a Norland education as accessible as possible to all of our prospective and current students. For supportive, practical help and advice regarding financing your course, whether as a future or current student, you are strongly encouraged to contact our approachable Finance team via email at [email protected]

"Norland was an investment into my future."

"If you're someone like me and you're looking to come to Norland and it's something you desperately want to do, definitely don't rule it out. Don't think it's out of reach. I'm from a working class background, I've worked really hard and I'm evidence that you can make it happen. I know coming to Norland was an investment into my future. I know that once I've graduated I'll be in a position to be earning a salary that means I can pay my family back in no time at all and I'll soon be reaping the benefits of my hard work."

Lois’s story

"I still remember exactly where I was when I awarded my bursary!"

"For anyone worried about the financial aspect, I would just say continue to be yourself and even though juggling working part-time and doing a degree with three learning difficulties has been hard, it has been possible and it's been possible because of the support of Norland and how much they've gotten to know me."

Emily's story

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“Norland doesn’t just make you a nanny, it makes you an amazing early years practitioner.”


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“The foundation of quality that is ‘instilled’ in you makes the Norland experience unique. It is the culture that children and families deserve the best.”


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"I can easily say that, three years later, we all agree it has been the best thing for me as a person and for my career."


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