The Professional Association of Norlanders (PAN) is a professional association which enables Norlanders to become a member of a professional body, like many other professions.

At our 130th anniversary reunion event, Norland formally announced the launch of the Professional Association of Norlanders. PAN is a professional association which enables Norlanders to become an accredited member of a professional body, while also demonstrating a commitment to excellence in practice and continuing professional development.

In setting up PAN, Norland is continuing the pioneering journey begun by founder Emily Ward in 1892 when she founded Norland as the world’s first educational establishment to offer childcare training and created the profession of the nursery nurse.

Following extensive consultation with Norlanders, the launch of PAN reflects Norland’s commitment for more than 130 years to providing exceptional early years training and education to cultivate outstanding professional early years practitioners.

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Why is PAN important?

PAN forms part of Norland’s campaign to help elevate the esteem and ranking of childcare and the nanny profession, which is still considered by the UK’s Standard Occupational Classification system to be an unskilled role. This is despite the fact that today’s Norland students undertake a full BA degree and professional diploma and employ a multitude of complex skills and knowledge working with children during the most significant period of their development.

Who can become a PAN member?

Membership will provide a quality mark for Norlanders to signal that their early years practice reflects the highest standards and is in line with the latest developments of best practice and cutting-edge research. It will provide a professional career pathway for Norlanders to become Norland-endorsed specialists in specific aspects of childcare and to pursue postgraduate qualifications through Norland, as well as enjoying access to tailored courses, and discounts on CPD and with trusted partners.

To join, you must be a qualified Norlander with demonstrable evidence of at least 12 hours of CPD (this can include self-directed CPD – if in doubt, contact us) within the past 12 months. You must be working in the early years in some capacity. Joining PAN is entirely voluntary, and you are not obliged to join. You are a Norlander for life and non-membership of PAN will not change this status. You do not need to be a member of PAN to be placed by the Norland Agency.

If you’re a Norlander and want to sign up to PAN, click the button below.

Sign up to PAN
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Member of PAN (MPAN)

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Open to all Norland fully qualified graduates

  • Access to exclusive Norland CPD courses and resources
  • Free access to ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ CPD recording
  • PAN Badge
  • Post nominal letters and digital PAN logo to be used in correspondence
  • Access to the support of the alumni team

Affiliate Member of PAN (APAN)

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Open to all Norland students and NQNs

  • Free access to ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ CPD recording

MPAN membership

As a Norlander, especially if you are working directly or indirectly with children, it is important that you stay up-to-date with continuing professional development (CPD), current legislation and developments in the early years so that you can continue to offer the highest quality of care and support to children and their families. Through your PAN membership, we can support you with access to curated and exclusive CPD courses and resources. As a member of the PAN community, you will also have access to support from other Norlanders and members of the Alumni team at Norland. Your status as an MPAN will indicate to future employers and others that your practice is current, and you are committed to providing the highest levels of professionalism to those with whom you work.

APAN membership

Norland students and degree graduates completing their Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) year can become an Affiliate Member of PAN (APAN) whilst completing their training. When you are embarking on your career in the early years, you will quickly realise the importance of being highly skilled and providing the children in your care, and their families, with the highest practice standards possible. Being highly skilled and knowledgeable is vital, as is being able to access support for challenging experiences in practice. As an Affiliate Member you will have access to curated and exclusive CPD courses. You will be a part of the PAN community and therefore accessing support from Norlanders and professionals, all whilst demonstrating your dedication to the early years and to developing your skill set. 

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