Norland offers a welcoming and nurturing environment where you'll make friends for life

We’re smaller than other higher education institutions, so you’ll experience a close-knit, warm and friendly environment and enjoy student life in the vibrant city of Bath. As an early years specialist provider, you’ll join a unique community of like-minded people who are passionate about the health, wellbeing and education of the children we care for and their families.

You’ll have many opportunities to take part in different activities and to bond with fellow students during your time at Norland through our intensive training and value-added curriculum.

Part of what will make your student experience so different from any other is that you will be joining an organisation with a long and distinguished history as a centre for excellence.

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Clubs and societies

The student voice is central to the Norland experience and we actively encourage and support student-led ideas for activities meaning every cohort shapes their own experience. We provide funding, support and resources to run one-off events or long-term initiatives. Recent examples of clubs and societies include:

  • netball
  • rock climbing
  • roller disco
  • book club
  • sewing club

Norland students are provided with free exclusive access to Bath Spa University Students’ Union clubs, societies, sports teams, facilities and more, enabling you to socialise with a wider group of students and take part in a range of activities not available at Norland.

Norland students have participated in football, rowing, hockey, rugby and tennis teams at Bath Spa and in the local area. Many students seek out clubs where they can pursue activities such as ballet, swimming, yoga, Zumba, meditation, rugby, German speaking conversation class, while others continue their links with Scouting, Girlguiding, volunteering and much more.

We have an active charity and community programme, which all students are encouraged to participate in during their time at Norland and beyond.

If you love singing, the Norland Choir brings students together to perform at special events such as graduation ceremonies and the famous Bath Christmas market.


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Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The SSLC is a group of elected student representatives who work very closely with the Student Engagement Manager to help shape and enhance the student experience at Norland.

Each year group, known as a set, has four representatives and these roles are:

  • Head of Set
  • Deputy of Set
  • Academic Student Engagement Representative
  • Placement Student Engagement Representative

The third-year students elected to Head and Deputy are also Head and Deputy of Students.

SSLC members listen to feedback, take suggestions on what students want to happen as a result of feedback and take any representative feedback forward. SSLC members attend regular meetings as a group but also attend and contribute to various meetings such as with the Principal and attend Programme Committees.

Student jury

The student jury is a group of students who represent Norland’s under-represented groups such as:

  • Male students
  • Students of ethnicities not typically represented within Norland
  • Students with additional learning needs
  • Students who are parents or carers
  • Commuter students
  • Mature students
  • Students from a care background
  • Students from the LGBTQIA+ community

The student jury is consulted on decisions that could adversely impact on small groups of students in ways that might be unforeseen and could affect the wellbeing and achievement of such groups.

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You'll wear an iconic uniform while studying

two male and two female Norland students walking
Norland Nanny students in their uniform in the garden at their Oldfield Park campus in Bath, UK.
Four Norland Nanny students in their uniform walking through the Oldfield Park campus in Bath, UK.
group of Norland students in uniform standing on balcony
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female headshot in Norland nanny uniform
group of male and female Norland nannies in uniform laughing
male headshot in Norland nanny uniform
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Information about the uniform

Norland uniform list

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Norland formal uniform items

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Norland uniform guidance

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You'll uphold our international reputation as a centre of excellence

Part of what will make your student experience so different from any other is that you will be joining an organisation with a long and distinguished history as a centre for excellence. This means there are certain traditions that you must follow and high expectations that you must meet to ensure that you uphold and maintain our international reputation as the best childcare trainer in the world. One of our traditions is the iconic uniform you’ll be required to wear during your studies. Introduced by founder Emily Ward, the Norland uniform was designed to ensure that graduates were recognised as professionals in their own right, much like a professional nurse.

The uniform has been adapted over the years and you’ll wear a formal uniform for lectures and events and practical uniform for practical training and placements. Wearing the uniform will instil a sense of pride at being part of our prestigious history. There are a strict set of rules that you must follow when you are wearing the uniform and you will also be required to follow our code of conduct for students. In addition, the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities sets out the high expectations Norland has of you and will apply to you as a student and graduate of Norland throughout your training and career with children.

Detailed information about the uniform you will be required to purchase can be found at the link below. Please note that you can order uniform from the list below from June 2021.

The cost of purchasing the uniform is given along with the other costs of studying at Norland on our fees and study costs page.

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You'll adhere to the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities

View Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities

You’ll be joining an organisation with an international reputation for excellence and with this comes responsibilities. As a Norland student and graduate, you’ll be required to adhere to the high expectations Norland has of you. The Norland Code of Responsibilities will apply to you as a student and graduate of Norland throughout your training and career with children. Throughout your training, you’ll be expected to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm to embrace the professionalism expected of a Norland Nanny, provide safe and nurturing care for young children, provide an inclusive environment that considers needs of both children and their families, and consistently produce age and stage appropriate activities according to individual needs and interests. Any breach of the Norland Code or our student rules can result in expulsion from training following a decision by the Disciplinary Committee.

You’ll role model good behaviour and prioritise the health and safety of children

Unless specifically prescribed by a medical practitioner, harmful substances and drugs are not to be brought into Norland. Possession or use of illegal substances will result in immediate suspension.

You are not permitted to smoke anywhere in Norland’s buildings or grounds, or at any time whilst in uniform. You are strongly discouraged from smoking at any time for health reasons.

Under no circumstances should you consume alcohol prior to or whilst working with children or when attending Norland. You should be aware of, and avoid, the effects that the use of alcohol can have on your judgement. This applies not only to driving but also to caring for children and your ability to study the next day. Drinking too much can also result in behaviour of which you could later be ashamed, and which could bring discredit to Norland.

Facial or neck tattoos are not acceptable and likewise, anything that might be intimidating or distressing to young children. Symbols that are racist, sexist or target any groups, hate speech and images (or language) that might be deemed too graphic are also not permitted. Decisions regarding acceptability will be made on a case by case basis.

You should not take or use anyone else’s property without the owner’s specific agreement on each occasion. No one is to interfere with anyone else’s personal belongings without their permission.

You must always demonstrate a high level of professionalism at all times when wearing your uniform as you are highly visible. In order to be a good role model for children and to ensure good habits are formed whilst training, you must not do the following when wearing your uniform: chew gum; listen to music using headphones/ear buds; consume food and drink whilst walking around; use a mobile phone whilst walking in the street (except in the event of an emergency); purchase alcohol; buy fast food or eat in a fast food restaurant; cross the road unless using a crossing.

You are expected to attend all classes as required unless you are ill or have been authorised to take special leave.

If you leave Norland without completing the degree and diploma course, you are not entitled to wear your uniform at any time or call yourself a Norland Nanny or Norlander.

Students and graduates reflect on student life at Norland

a female Norland Nanny student in uniform outside gates

"I love being in Bath. There are a lot of students with two other universities in the city, so it has a good social scene."

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female head shot

“I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals who all have the same aspirations and passion for childcare” – Charity’s story

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a female nanny in uniform smiling

"Norland has the best support for students in my opinion from every institution I've experienced."

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male headshot in Norland nanny uniform

“My time at Norland so far has been an extraordinary adventure."

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a female sat in a garden smiling

“What has really stood out for me are the job opportunities I’ve had as a student” – Helen’s story

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female head shot

“Norland in my eyes is the best of the best” – Lizzie’s story

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a female smiling

“I believe Norland gave me a culture that has stayed with me, a culture that our children and families deserve the best” – Natasha’s story

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