Having left her family and friends in South Africa, second-year international student Jessica (Set 43) discusses how the nurturing and supportive community at Norland has helped the UK feel like home.

As a mature international student, Jessica opens up about how, despite not taking a linear route to Norland, it was the best decision she’s made and how excited she is about the international job prospects she’ll benefit from once she’s graduated due to Norland’s world-renowned reputation.

“Norland is a really big and important part of my life. I left my home country, family and friends to come over here for this opportunity. I 100% know that was the right thing to do. I’ve really found my people, where I belong and what I’m passionate about and that I can just owe to Norland.”

a female international norland student who is studying an early years degree in her uniform smiling

“Not many people in South Africa know about Norland. I used to come on holiday to England for Christmases. When I was 14, I saw the documentary on TV and thought ‘wow, that looks amazing!’ I always knew I wanted to work with children and babies but wasn’t sure in what context. It was then that I thought this is it, this looks amazing.”

Norland have a reputation that goes beyond England, it’s an international reputation so that means if you want to work anywhere else in the world, you’re able to do so which is something I know that I want to do and know it’s going to be possible.”

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