Norland is delighted to announce the publication of the Norland Educare Research Journal – the world’s first research journal dedicated to advancing and enhancing the knowledge base for professional practices and policies for home-based early childhood education and care.

This international double-blind peer-reviewed research journal is published annually, online only. It is a fully open access journal, offering free-of-charge publication to researchers and authors, and free-of-charge access to all readers, worldwide.

The Norland Educare Research Journal is funded by The Norland Foundation (registered charity number 1190292).

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Norland Educare Research Journal - Volume 1, Issue 1

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  • Norland Educare Research Journal
30 May 2023

The Norland Educare Research Journal is an international double-blind peer-reviewed journal, published twice annually, online only. It is an open access journal, offering free-of-charge publication to researchers and authors, and...

Editorial – Home-based educarers: powerful agents who cannot be neglected!

Home-based childcare, in the form of childminding and nannying, is a vital service to families (Ang et al., 2017). It is mainly used by families, such as those in rural...

“Relationships are what matter most to infants and young children” – an interview with Dr Penelope Leach

30 May 2023

Penelope Leach, PhD, CBE, child psychologist, is a very well-known name, especially for the generation of parents who raised their children in the 1980s and 1990s with reference to her...

The role of home-based childcare in supporting young children’s care, learning and wellbeing

30 May 2023

Home-based childcare, or family day care as it is also known, plays an important role in supporting young children’s care and education. It offers early learning opportunities as well as...

Home visiting to support early childhood care and development: challenges and opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa

The global pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of centre-based provision for children in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Most young children in sub-Saharan Africa reside with families, and delivery of services...

Family childcare educators’ descriptions of their family-focused roles

30 May 2023

This research highlights how family childcare educators in the United States view and navigate their work with the families of the children in their care. Although family–educator relationships can positively...

A profession in transition: childminding in Ireland

30 May 2023

Currently, childminding (family childcare/day care) in Ireland remains predominantly informal childcare, outside regulation, with little support and no formal competence requirements for the profession. However, the new National Action Plan...

A childminder approach: recognising a distinctive home-based pedagogy

30 May 2023

Although the longest-practised form of paid childcare in England, childminding is an underdeveloped area within research. Childminders employ a distinctive home-based pedagogical approach to the provision of childcare and education,...

Characteristics and qualities of home-based childcare: exploring the views of trained childminders and nannies

This study explored the qualities of home-based childcare in England from the perspectives of qualified nannies and registered childminders. An initial framing of key characteristics and qualities of home-based childcare...

Education professionals who home-educate – from maverick anomaly to bridge-building opportunity?

In UK law, home education is a legal and equal alternative to mainstream schooling. It is increasingly popular, although it has a poor public image and politically has been associated...

Norland Educare Research Journal – An international journal on home-based childcare

An exciting new publication that exclusively focuses on issues pertaining to home-based educare.

Grounded in the work of researchers and practitioners in the field, the Norland Educare Research Journal is intended...

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