As well as funding your studies, you’ll also need to fund the cost of living as a student in Bath. This page provides practical information on living costs and budgeting advice.

Living costs

Your living costs will vary significantly depending on your lifestyle, but budgeting and planning will help your money go further.

In October and November 2022, we surveyed our students about their living costs. Costs varied considerably, with students living in rented accommodation spending on average £935 per month. Typical monthly costs for students living in rented accommodation are given in the table below. Students living at home and commuting to Norland spent an average £360 each month on travel, social activities, leisure and hobbies.

As you will be aware, there is a cost-of-living crisis and prices continue to rise. We expect the average cost of living to rise for our students in 2023/24 and beyond.


Please contact the Finance team to discuss financial options and any concerns you have about funding your study and living costs

+44 (0)1225 697264 [email protected]

Typical monthly costs for students living in rented accommodation

ExpenseTypical monthly cost (2022/23)
Accommodation (rent)£550
Bills (utilities, phone etc)£100
Social activities (eating out, nightlife etc)£65
Leisure, hobbies, health and wellbeing£50
Travel (around the city, travelling home)£60

Typical costs provided by Norland students in our annual Financing Your Studies survey, October-November 2022. Costs are expected to rise in 2023/24 and beyond.

Budgeting advice and student discounts

To help work out your monthly budget, read Save the Student’s how to budget at university and how much it costs to live at university from Which? for useful guidance and tips on how to cut costs. Blackbullion provides help with financial planning and money skills for students and Money Helper offers general financial guidance.

Accommodation costs will vary dependent on a number of factors so it is worth doing your research. Some students who live near to Bath save money on accommodation and other living costs by living at home and commuting each day. Other students choose to live-in with a family to save on accommodation and bills in return for free childcare. Don’t forget to factor in utility bills and travel costs when choosing your accommodation as these will vary by property. View the latest accommodation costs and further information on our accommodation and living in Bath webpage.

Energy Saving Trust has compiled a list of helpful tips for saving money on gas and electricity. The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charity set up to support people who are struggling to pay their bills and provides useful advice on managing money and energy bills. Money Saving Expert has advice on how to negotiate your broadband deal. Shop around for the best phone deal and ask for a student discount on mobile phone contracts or use a student sim card.

Cooking at home and batch cooking is much cheaper than eating out. At Norland you will learn to cook, so hone your cooking skills and save money. Consider taking it in turns with your housemates and classmates to bulk buy and share meals. Shop around for the best deals, buy own brands, buy tinned or frozen food, shop seasonally and share delivery costs with housemates. Reduce food waste and overspending by checking what you already have and write a list of what you need. Never go shopping while you’re hungry. Check out Money Saving Expert’s supermarket shopping tips for more ways to save on food bills.

Many shops and restaurants in Bath, and around the UK, offer student discounts. The paid-for TOTUM student card offers a wide range of student discounts. Also have a look at TOTUM Digital, which is free and offers a limited range of discounts. Money Saving Expert’s student checklist offers over 50 quick tips to access discounts and save cash.

If you are living in Bath and North East Somerset (BANES), then you’ll be able to get a free Discovery Card which entitles you to offers and discounts in the area. You can use your card to visit Bath’s Heritage Sites for free, including The Roman Baths, exhibitions in the Victoria Art Gallery, and free entry to Bath Abbey and the Parade Gardens. You’ll also receive discounts with your Discovery Card at participating venues, museums, restaurants, wellbeing spaces and many more.

Travel costs vary considerably, depending on whether you are commuting to campus or travelling home regularly. By purchasing a student railcard, you’ll get a third off train travel. Another way to cut the cost of your train travel is to split the ticket, by buying separate tickets for sections of the journey. Money Saving Expert explains how to find hidden fares and split tickets.

The Megabus offers good value journeys around the UK, with further discounts for TOTUM student card holders. The First Bus service in Bath offers student fares to help with the cost of travelling around the city and you can buy a weekly, monthly or yearly pass depending on your requirements.

While cars are a very convenient way of travelling, the fuel and running costs will eat into your budget. There is no parking at Norland and parking in Bath is extremely limited and can be very costly. We strongly recommend you do not bring your car with you.

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