Lois (Set 42) discusses her journey to Norland which saw her invited to the royal wedding. She also opens up about how she and her family approached funding her studies, why she loves working with children and the amazing opportunities she’s already benefitted from before even graduating.

“I chose Norland because I wanted to go somewhere unique, somewhere that offered something to me that went beyond working in a school or nursery as I felt like my care and passion for the job went way beyond that. I wanted something more personal. I wanted to work with a family and build bonds over time, and I felt coming to Norland was the best way to do that to get the best quality training.

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“Norland was an investment into my future. I know that once I’ve graduated, I will be in a position to be earning a salary that means I can pay my parents back in no time at all and I will soon be reaping the benefits of my hard work.

If you’re someone like me and you’re looking to come to Norland and it’s something you desperately want to do, don’t rule it out. Don’t think it’s out of reach. I’m from a working class background and I’ve worked really hard and I’m evidence that you can make it happen. It doesn’t matter where you’re from.

I love what I do because I get to work with so many children. I get to make such a positive contribution to their lives. I get to meet so many amazing families and get to make a difference to them.”

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