Hermione (Set 41) graduated as a Norlander in 2022 as one of the first to earn a Norland-awarded degree.

In her My Norland Story, Hermione reflects on the pride of being able to call herself a Norland Nanny, how she needn’t have worried about fitting in due to the inclusive Norland community and how temporary nannying allows her to build her confidence and experience while providing a work/life balance.

“To be able to call myself a Norland Nanny feels very surreal. Since qualifying, I have felt so much pride in being able to tell people and I feel people are so interested and fascinated in it, more so than if I just said I did a degree in childcare. Being able to say I’m a Norland Nanny brings so much pride with it because I feel proud to hold that term but I also feel I’m able to carry on that term with a very competent way of nannying.

a female holding a clapper board
a female Norland Nanny

My biggest worry before coming to Norland was that I had short hair and I’d only been to a mixed gendered-school and I very much thought that the Norland bun was very important. I also thought that it was a mainly girl-centred college. When I arrived, I found that I found that they were very okay with any hairstyle as long as it was neat and in keeping. I also found that I could live with some of the boys and diversify my friendship group. It really didn’t matter that there was more girls than boys because everyone was so different. It was a really lovely experience.

I love what I do because it allows me to have an incredible work-life balance. When I’m at work, I really enjoy what I do. I love meeting new children, I love being around families and in new places. At the same time, because I temp, it allows me to plan when I have my time off and when I go to work.

I’m so excited for my next job. I feel every job brings me more experience and I don’t think that’ll ever stop.”

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“Norland is an investment in yourself.”

Matthew (Set 43) worked in a range of early years settings before enrolling at Norland as a mature student. In his My Norland Story, he explores student life and the opportunities available to Norlanders.

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"The Norland Agency has been wonderful ... I can totally see how it will be a lifelong place for me to find the right job."

"To me, nannying was especially appealing because of the personal bond I could have with the child that you can't get in every profession and also the relationship you can have with families is amazing and such a privilege to have."

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