Norland, the world-famous specialist provider of childcare training and higher education, is delighted to offer its wholehearted support for the Duchess of Cambridge’s new Centre for Early Childhood.

The centre’s mission – to raise awareness of the importance of the early years and the critical impact these years can have on transforming individual lives and society as a whole – aligns with Norland’s own mission.

Established in 1892 by early years pioneer Emily Ward, Norland is dedicated to providing high quality specialist early years training and higher education in order to cultivate exceptional early years practitioners.

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Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland, said: “We are delighted to learn about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new initiative. Norland has championed the role and status of the early years professional since it was founded almost 130 years ago. Creating the optimal environment for the development of babies and young children underpins the future of every single one of us and makes good moral, social and political sense for society as well as individual families. Parents and carers want to do their best for their children and families and society has a responsibility to support that.”

Vice Principal and Head of Quality and Standards and Registrar, Mandy Donaldson, added: “Our graduates are highly trained in giving young children the best start in life. Our degree and world-famous Norland diploma have evolved to include the neuroscience behind child development, ensuring that social, emotional, physical, communication and cognitive skills are nurtured in a holistic and intertwined way to support children to reach their full potential. The care and development of all young children and support for all families should be a top priority for the government.”

Norland has been at the forefront of childcare training for almost 130 years, giving students the opportunity to become amongst the world’s most sought-after childcare professionals. Norland students undergo four years of rigorous training to earn two distinct qualifications: a BA (Hons) degree in Early Years Development and Learning and the prestigious Norland diploma. Fully qualified graduates, known as Norlanders or Norland Nannies, also benefit from their own dedicated employment agency, the Norland Agency, which places them in nanny and maternity practitioner positions around the world.

The Norland Agency also offers a bespoke advisory service for parents seeking additional support with a variety of early years issues including behaviour, potty training, weaning and sleep.

Norland is currently designing a range of online courses specifically for parents, on topics such as the newborn baby, and the first four years of childhood. In addition, Norland Consultancy is offering courses to parents on particularly thorny subjects such as toddlers, teenagers and trauma (including divorce and bereavement).

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