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Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland College, has had a long-standing career in early years education, training and provision both nationally and internationally. Before joining Norland, she was a Reader in Education and Early Years Education Award and Programme Leader at Bath Spa University. She has an established track record of senior leadership in Higher Education, leading large degrees programmes in early years education and early childhood, as well as MA and doctoral degrees, alongside early years teacher training. As a former teacher and early years practitioner, she has worked in a variety of early years settings and schools both in England and Europe. In the past 10 years, she has worked at several universities, including Gloucestershire University, where she helped to develop the ‘top up’ degree for Norland students. She is the recipient of two ‘Outstanding Teaching’ student awards and has a national profile as an early years expert. She is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker at national conferences such as with the National College of Teaching and Learning and the National Day Nurseries Association.

She is the author of numerous academic publications including co-authorship of two key texts – The Role of Adult in Early Years Settings and Health and Well-being in Early Childhood. She is also the founder of Emotion Coaching UK and an Associate of Early Education. Janet is passionately committed to the promotion of quality research and excellence in early years provision. Her entire career has been dedicated to the advancement of young children’s potential and wellbeing and the adults that support them.

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  • April 2021 - Talk at the Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma (IRCT) conference

    Dr Janet Rose will deliver a keynote speech which will outline how emotion coaching might support vulnerable and traumatised children, particularly in relation to the impact of coronavirus on their lives.

  • January 2021 - Keynote at 'Building your teacher toolkit: effective classroom practice'

    Dr Janet Rose will deliver a keynote speech on the topic ‘What I wish I had known as an early career teacher’ at the ‘Building your teacher toolkit: effective classroom practice’.

    The events form the Education Development Trust’s early career professional development programme spring term training.

    This is part of the roll out of the Department for Education’s Early Career Framework and the programme supports both early career teachers and their mentors through the first two terms of the profession.

  • December 2020 - Talk at 'Working with conflict in families, couples and parent-child relationships' event

    Dr Janet Rose will deliver a talk on emotion coaching at the ‘Working with Conflict in Families, Couples and Parent-Child Relationships’ event which is organised by the Centre for Child Mental Health on Saturday 5 December.

  • November 2020 - Talk at 'The neuroscience of Early Intervention – 2020 conference'

    Dr Janet Rose will join a panel of expert speakers to highlight and explore important neurobiological and neurophysiological research that is enriching our understanding of human relationships and behaviour.

  • October 2020 - Part of the panel at the IHE annual conference

    Dr Janet Rose will be part of the ‘Qualifying for the champion’s league: strategies for global success’ where some IHE members with global ambitions will share their thoughts on the UK’s strategy for exporting education and what is needed to diversify successfully in an uncertain world.

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