• Developing Resilience with Emotion Coaching

    Every Child Journal (Vol. 7.1)

    Helping children understand and reframe difficult emotions can go a long way to building resilience and countering unwanted behaviours. Dr Janet Rose and Dr Louise Gilbert share a powerful technique for helping both young people and adults improve their emotional intelligence. 

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  • What is the impact of Pastoral Care Training on School Mealtimes - a Case Study

    This report, authored by Dr Karen McInnes - Head of Learning, Teaching and Research at Norland College, presents the findings from a funded research project looking at the impact of pastoral care training on school mealtimes, specifically the lunchtime service in one school. 

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  • Evaluating the Impact of a Joint Parenting and Yoga Programme on Everyday Family Life

    This report, written by Dr Karen McInnes, discusses the findings of a bespoke parenting and yoga programme which aimed to address common stressful times during everyday family life.

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  • Teaching Early Years Theory and Practice Thomas, A. & McInnes, K. (2017) London: Sage.

    This textbook focuses on the main areas of teaching young children, covering the 3-7 years age range that spans the early years and primary phases. The majority of chapters are written by both an academic and practitioner, reflecting a genuine theory and practice approach, and this helps the reader to set theoretical discussion in the context of real practice. Click here to visit the publisher's website. 

  • BERA-TACTYC Early Childhood Research Review 2003-2017

    Co-authored by Dr Janet Rose, Chapter 5 focuses on 'Learning, development and curriculum'. Dr Rose was supported by a working group including other Norland academics: Deborah Buck, Lynne Cole, Mandy Donaldson, Luke Jeffery and Anne Purdon. 

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  • Attachment Aware Schools: Working with Families to Enhance Parental Engagement and Home-School Relationships by Dr Janet Rose and Dr Karen McInnes

    Co-authored by Dr Janet Rose and Dr Karen McInnes, this primary focus of this research article is to provide whole school and targeted attachment-based strategies to support children’s well-being, behaviour and academic attainment.

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  • Attachment and parental sensitivity - their roles in supporting good child development and lifelong positive outcomes

    This think piece for Action for Children is co-authored by Dr Janet Rose.

    The attachment to primary caregivers gives children a secure base to explore the world around them. The quality or security of their attachment has a significant bearing on their future emotional and social development and is linked to emotional understanding and range of social and school readiness outcomes.

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  • Does dyslexia present barriers to information literacy in an online environment?

    In this paper Lynne Cole seeks to address the gap in literature around the skills and attributes required to become information literate from the perpective of information users with cognitive disabilities, such as dyslexia. 

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  • A comparison of free time activity choices of third culture kids in Albania and children in the UK

    In this paper Anne Purdon (Programme Leader BA (Hons), Norland College) compares the free time activity choices of third culture kids (TCKs) living in Albania with the free time activity choices of children living in the UK. 

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  • Sustained shared thinking in an early childhood setting: an exploration of practitioners’ perspectives by Anne Purdon

    In this paper Anne Purdon (Programme Leader BA (Hons), Norland College) defines sustained shared thinking and discusses practitioners’ views of its challenges and benefits.

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  • Information Literacy in a Digital Age by Lynne Cole

    In this abstract Lynne Cole (Learning Resources Manager, Norland College) introduces her research on the development of information literacy skills in early years study and employment.

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  • Using Mahara at Norland by Elspeth Pitman

    In this abstract Elspeth Pitman (Early Years Consultant, Norland College) evaluates the merits of the e-portfolio platform, Mahara.

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