Newly Qualified

What are Newly Qualified Nannies?

A Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) is a nanny who has completed three years intensive Early Years training at Norland College including the BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning and the first 3 years of their Norland Diploma. 

The NQN year is a full-time nanny position in which the NQN is employed by a family. The aim of which is to enable the NQN to gain confidence and experience as a full-time nanny whilst being supported by Norland and their employer.

Successful completion of the 1 year NQN post is the final part of the Norland Diploma qualification, ensuring that qualified Norland Nannies are practitioners with both high level academic qualifications as well as extensive practical experience. All of our NQNs are qualified to work independently with children but have not yet achieved their Norland Diploma, which earns them the right to refer to themselves as a Norland Nanny, or 'Norlander'.

NQNs will be paid a ‘newly qualified salary’ for a 1 year fixed term contract and will be expected to undertake all of the duties of a fully qualified Norland Nanny.

Families will pay a reduced fixed Agency fee: 10% of the NQN’s net annual salary.

Newly Qualified Nannies:

  • Have completed 3 years training at Norland College including practical placements in various settings
  • Are qualified to work independently with children
  • Work with a family on a 1 year fixed-term contract to complete their Norland Diploma
  • Are different to Student Placements, which are for 6 week periods


Each new Set of NQNs will be able to start applying for positions from the end of May each year. However, we will continue to take applications throughout the year until all NQNs are placed. Please contact the NQN Team throughout the year to enquire about the remaining availability of NQNs.


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