Duties and Responsibilities

As well as providing for the physical and educational needs of the children, NQNs are responsible for all nursery duties. This includes cooking, cleaning and laundry for the children within their care.

Typical duties include:

  • Physical care of the children.
  • Supporting and providing activities for the holistic development of the children.
  • Communicating with parents on all aspects of the care of the children.
  • Complete nanny documentation in order to keep the parents informed about their children’s care, wellbeing and development.
  • Providing well balanced and nutritious meals appropriate to the needs of the children.
  • Taking children to playgroup / nursery / school.
  • Taking children on outings appropriate to their age and stage of development.
  • Preparing for special occasions such a birthday parties.
  • Caring for children when they are unwell and administering medicine(s).
  • Travelling with the children and preparing for holidays, weekend visits etc.
  • Cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom and other areas agreed with the parents.
  • Cleaning, laundering and mending the children’s clothes and toys.
  • Being responsible for all equipment related to the care of the children, including the cleaning and maintenance of items such as sterilisers, buggies, car seats, etc.
  • Taking responsibility for the nanny purse and making sound judgements when purchasing items from the nanny purse; obtaining a receipt and providing a fully detailed list of weekly expenses.
  • Cleaning and tidying the accommodation provided for the nanny.

If you wish for your NQN to complete any other duties not included in the points above, it is recommended that you discuss these duties together and mutually agree when and how these will be completed. 

Please note that NQNs generally are not expected to (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Cook and clean for the whole family. If the children are away from the family home, the nanny should not be expected to cook for the family instead.
  • Exercise, feed, bath or oversee any health care of pets unless otherwise agreed.
  • Use their own personal money for any nursery expenses.
  • Maintain the nanny car, including servicing, tax and insurance.
  • Clean the family home as a whole in addition to the agreed nursery duties.
  • Run errands for the adults within the family (e.g. dry cleaning, collect prescriptions, etc.) unless mutually agreed.         

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