On 25 September 1892, Emily Ward set up what would become known as the Norland Institute on Norland Place, London. In so doing, she created the very first educational establishment to offer any kind of childcare training and the profession of the trained nursery nurse.

For 130 years, Norland has been recognised around the world as being at the forefront of early years education and training. In its 130th anniversary year, Norland will celebrate its proud pioneering heritage and mark several significant milestones as it continues to set its sights firmly on the future.

In 2022, Norland will award its very own degrees for the first time at two graduation ceremonies. Its brand-new graduation gowns and newly commissioned coat of arms will be unveiled at these events, reflecting Norland’s ambition to become the first specialised early years university in the world. Its anniversary year will also see the launch of the Professional Association of Norlanders (PAN) and the publication of the Norland Educare Research Journal, the very first research journal focused on home-based childcare.

As well as these landmark moments, there are lots of exciting ways for the Norland community to get involved in the celebrations as we reflect on our history and look forward to what the next 130 years holds.

Norland diploma badge and certificate

130 acts of kindness

Charitable and community engagement remain at the forefront of our strategic vision. This year, we’re aiming to achieve 130 acts of kindness. If you’re a member of the Norland community, visit our 130 acts of kindness page to find out how you can get involved.

130 career pathways

To celebrate the career diversity and achievements of Norlanders, we’ve been compiling a list of careers our graduates have gone on to enjoy show the incredible variety of early years roles achievable with Norland training and qualifications. For many, Norland represents nannying, but there are myriad roles and specialisms within nannying and many other early years careers that Norlanders have gone on to pursue.

If you’re a Norlander and would like to get involved, visit the 130 career pathways page.

group of Norland students in uniform standing on balcony

Get involved in our year-long celebrations

As well as the activities listed above, we have much more planned including a whole host of celebrations for our first Norland degree graduation as we reveal our new coat of arms and graduation gowns, a history of Norland in 13 objects blog series, extending the timeline at Oldfield Park to include our recent milestones and much more!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels and get involved using the hashtag #Norland130.

female Norland nanny in coat holding little girls hand walking the streets of bath

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