As you may have seen, to celebrate the career diversity and achievements of Norlanders, we’re hoping to capture and share 130 different career paths to show the incredible variety of early years roles achievable with Norland training and qualifications. For many, Norland represents nannying, but there are myriad roles and specialisms within nannying and many other early years careers that Norlanders have gone on to pursue.

You may have reached your career goal or still be working towards it. You may be working in a specialist nanny role or have just started your journey towards something new. You may be planning your retirement or retired but keen to reflect on and share your career experience. No career path is too well-worn or new! We’d love to share your incredible stories and celebrate your passions – it only takes a couple of minutes.

Please help us to reach our target of 130 different career paths by sending a summary of your career path to the marketing team via [email protected]

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