a female international student in her formal uniform
6 December 2021 / Blog

My first term as an international student at Norland

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two female Norland students in their formal uniform
6 December 2021 / Blog

My NQN year diary: a week in the life for Newly Qualified Nanny Becky

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a photo of a Norland Nanny smiling
26 November 2021 / Blog

An interview with Norland Nanny of the Year 2020

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a female stood on a tree trunk smiling
10 November 2021 / Blog

My NQN year diary: Victoria’s first three months

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a female Norland student who completed the maternity ward placement smiling
13 October 2021 / Blog

My placement diary: maternity ward placement

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a female student in her formal uniform smiling
20 September 2021 / Blog

Megan’s journey to become a fourth-generation nanny

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Norland students outside having a group discussion
28 July 2021 / News

Norland joins Universities Mental Health Charter pilot programme

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large norland hat etching icon

Heritage, ethos & vision

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large sewing machine, which is taught on the diploma, etching icon

BA (Hons) degree & diploma

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large student badge etching icon

The Norland reputation

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