Two senior early years experts, Dr Janet Rose and Dr Theodora Papatheodorou, will speak at the three-day Bright Start International Conference in December 2022 in Athens, Greece.   

Principal Dr Janet Rose will present a workshop on the second day of the annual early childhood education and care conference on 10 December. The session on ‘Self-regulation and emotionally friendly spaces in the early years: supporting behaviour and wellbeing in young children’ will include practical ideas to support young children’s personal, social and emotional development.  

Dr Rose will also present a second workshop on emotion coaching on 11 December. In the session, Janet will illustrate how emotion coaching works with neurobiological systems to help young children learn to manage their behaviour and self-regulation. She will highlight the research that shows how emotion coaching enables children to achieve more academically, have fewer behavioural problems, fewer infectious illnesses and are more popular and emotionally resilient.  

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Renowned early childhood researcher and Norland’s Research Fellow, Dr Theodora Papatheodorou is a member of the Bright Start Advisory Council. She will present her first talk entitled ‘Behaviour matters… and why this is not all we need to focus on!’ on 10 December. In this presentation, she will discuss how teachers’ attitudes can be internalised by children and  become self-fulfilling prophecies. She proposes the Life Space Review as a framework for habitual pedagogical practices that provide children with immediate support and equip them with problem-solving strategies. 

Dr Papatheodorou’s second session on 11 December is entitled ‘Autism in very young children: sensory and affective reciprocity in child and caregiver interactions – implications for assessment and support.’ In this talk, Theodora will discuss the development of First Steps, an innovative support programme for young autistic children (up to four years old) and its conceptual framework. Theodora will challenge the once held view that an autism diagnosis can only be achieved once the child reaches four years of age, by raising awareness about early sings of autism linked to young children’s sensori-motor and affective sensitivities. 

The 2022 Bright Start International Conference runs as both an online and in-person event from 9 until 11 December 2022.   

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