Norland has over 125 years of experience working with children and families. Our child-centred approach means that we can help any organisation that works with or that has customers who are children or families, to reflect on their practice. We can make suggestions around where improvements, in the best interests of these children and families, might be made.

This bespoke consultancy can really make the difference for you and your organisation, giving you a competitive advantage and a Norland backed USP.

We recognise that each organisation and its aims are unique and that the ways of working will reflect the organisation’s beliefs, values and culture; we are energised by identifying the synergy that binds us together with the organisations we work with, by developing organisations through its people and by contributing to overall quality. 

Read about how some of our clients benefited from our unique consultancy approach on our case studies page. Please get in touch to discuss your organisation’s needs and see how Norland can support your business.