female in Norland nanny uniform standing with a man in a suit
Student // Alice, 22-30

"I can easily say that, three years later, we all agree it has been the best thing for me as a person and for my career."

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female headshot
Alumni // Natasha,

“The foundation of quality that is ‘instilled’ in you makes the Norland experience unique. It is the culture that children and families deserve the best.”

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female ski instructor on top of mountain
Alumni // Claire,

“Much of how I teach skiing to the youngest children is through play, which was a strong theme during my Norland training.”

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child and female nanny doing arts and crafts
Alumni // Chloe,

“The opportunities that are available to me from having trained at Norland are quite special.”

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Child crawling in nursery setting
Alumni // Julia,

“My Norland training is with me all the time and my nursery is very much based on Norland’s child-centred philosophy.”

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early years lecturer teaching class of students
Alumni // Claire,

“My advice to anyone considering coming to Norland, is to embrace every opportunity it provides.”

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