Every journey to Norland is unique and none more so than second-year student Megan’s. Megan is training to become a fourth-generation nanny in her family after her mother, nan and great gran all worked as nannies.

After previously considering teaching, Megan had watched the ITV documentary about Norland and had heard about our comprehensive training through her mum before going to a careers event that Norland was attending. After speaking to Norland staff at the event, Megan realised that Norland was where she wanted to study and would allow her to follow in her family’s footsteps and study an award-winning course to become a nanny.

“My name is Megan, I’m in Set 44 and I’m in my second year at Norland. Before coming to Norland I studied A levels in English language, geography and sociology in Taunton. I come from a family with a long history of nannying.

My great gran nannied for many families in Somerset up until 1946 when she had her first child and began childminding from her own home. My nan got her first nannying job at the age of 20 in Essex with two girls, aged eight and ten. Her second nannying job was in Somerset with twin boys aged four and a girl aged two. My mum got her first nannying job at the age of 16 which was a live-in position with baby girl aged 9 months in Somerset before she moved to Devon and worked for 11 years as a nanny for various families.

a female student in her formal uniform smiling

“After speaking to the staff and students at the careers event they made me realise how everyone at Norland is so unique and has their own story which I have found out is completely true!”

Hearing my family’s stories and being brought up by inspirational women is part of the reason I knew I wanted to work with children. I was originally set on becoming a teacher until I found out about Norland at a college careers event.

Being brought up by these inspirational women and having the values of love and respect taught to me from such a young age has inspired me throughout my journey. These are values which I’ll carry throughout my career and pass on to my future charges. Whenever I put on my uniform, I think of them and this inspires me every day. My mum has also taught me to sew and cook, skills that I use on the Norland diploma, and she’s definitely helped me to reach my full potential. I’m so grateful for the constant support I receive from my family, not just through my academic learning but also supporting me emotionally by believing in me and inspiring me to do what makes me happy, which is nannying. My main goal is to do my absolute best and to make them proud.

I originally wanted to be a teacher but when I saw the Norland stall at my college careers event and spoke to the staff, I realised that Norland was the place for me. I’d heard about Norland from my mum and watching the television documentary, but I thought it’d only ever be a dream because I grew up in rural Devon and I didn’t think I would fit in. After speaking to Norland staff and students at the careers event they made me realise how everyone at Norland is unique and has their own story, which I have found out is completely true!

a female student in her formal uniform smiling

“I was never pressured or persuaded in any way to become a nanny. It’s my love for working with children that has brought me here and to be able to share this passion with my family makes it even more special.”

I’ve loved my time at Norland so far and I’m excited for my future. I never forget how lucky I am to be here and how hard I worked to make it happen but I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family believing in me and supporting me throughout. Although my experience has been slightly different due to coronavirus, I’ve made some amazing friends within my house and lecture group. I’ve enjoyed both the theoretical and practical lectures. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning early years theory and understanding how children learn, which is something I’d never learned before as I came from A levels rather than a childcare course. I’ve improved my sewing and cooking skills, and most recently finished making a child’s apron.

Since joining Norland, I’ve already benefitted from paid work through the Norland student job shop. The job shop provides a range of jobs for students, enabling us to earn  income and gain more experience through nannying and babysitting jobs while studying at Norland. I’ve received my first ever nannying job through the job shop caring for two boys, aged three and one, which I carry out in the school holidays. The job shop gives students opportunities that are not available anywhere else. Families contact Norland specifically knowing they’ll receive a student nanny who will be professional and eager to work hard. This also gives students peace of mind knowing that the families are vetted before they start and allows students to put what they’ve learned into practice from the course while also being paid for it.

On the Norland diploma, I’ve particularly enjoyed the placements. I’ve completed four placements so far, one in a nursery and one in a primary school. I’m looking forward to starting my family placement in a few weeks’ time. On the degree, I’ve found an interest in language and communication. This is something I’d not learned about in much detail and I have enjoyed studying the topic, going on listening walks during lectures and seeing it ‘in action’ while on placement.

I feel an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that I am continuing a legacy that my family created over four generations. I was never pressured or persuaded in any way to become a nanny. It’s my love for working with children that has brought me here and to be able to share this passion with my family makes it even more special. I love to share my own stories with my mum and nan and bring back memories from their time nannying. My mum and nan tell me how proud my great gran would be to know I’m becoming a Norland Nanny and how she’d love to know that I am becoming the best nanny I could possibly be.”

an apron made by a student on a mannequin

Megan with her mother, nan and great gran

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