Theodora Papatheodorou - Research Fellow

Dr Theodora Papatheodorou supports the Head of Learning, Teaching & Research in developing a culture of research within the College. Working with colleagues, she is responsible for developing research objectives, projects and proposals within the field of Early Childhood Education and Care that are relevant to Norland’s strategy and values. She is responsible for enabling communication of research findings and knowledge within the College and for ensuring that such knowledge is incorporated and informs teaching and learning.

Theodora has a long-standing commitment and passion for the education of young children. She was initially trained as a preschool and primary school teacher and received postgraduate training in special educational needs in her native country, Greece. She worked as a preschool and special educational needs teacher for almost 10 years, before she embarked on her Masters and PhD studies.

Theodora holds a Masters and a PhD, from Cardiff University, on preschool education, special educational needs and social educational psychology. After the completion of her doctoral studies, she joined and worked in several universities for almost 15 years, holding several posts; her latest being at Anglia Ruskin University, where she served as the Director of Research and Professor of Early Childhood at the Faculty of Education.

Prior to joining Norland College, Theodora was involved in international development work in the field of early childhood. She conducted consultancy for UNICEF Tanzania and Kosovo and develop early childhood programmes and evaluation projects for Save the Children UK in Sub-Saharan, South East Asia and South America countries.

Theodora extensively researched and published in the field of early childhood. Her current work focuses on a publication entitled ‘Why Behaviour Matters in the Early Years’, commissioned by OU press. The book shifts attention from child to adult behaviour, highlighting the relational aspects of child-adult communication and interactions.

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