Norland is pleased to announce that the brand-new childcare booking platform, Marvellous Babysitting, is now available for families in London after launching in Bath last month.

Founded by Norland graduate Ella Trigwell, Marvellous Babysitting helps parents easily book our trusted students and graduates (known as Norland Nannies or Norlanders) for short term, flexible childcare and babysitting jobs via a simple and convenient mobile app. This partnership is the first of its kind for Norland, making Marvellous the only app to provide families with access to genuine Norland Nannies and students.

Fully qualified Norlanders have completed their Norland training and will have significant experience in a range of early years settings and with families. Norland Nannies don’t just monitor your children for safety but can cater to any childcare needs including preparing nutritious meals, helping with homework, taking care of bath and bedtime, and even providing parents with expert advice in areas like sleep training and weaning.

A female in a Norland uniform holding a sign about babysitting

Norland students will have completed part of their undergraduate degree and integrated practical diploma training.

All Norland students and graduates available through the app will have an up to date 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificate and Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

Lucy, a parent using the app, said “We were thrilled to discover Marvellous. We often struggle to find professional, reliable babysitters who we feel comfortable and confident leaving our two young boys with, so Marvellous offers the perfect solution. I love the app: quick and intuitive to use but also reassuringly professional with its link to Norland and all the detailed info about the babysitters and nannies available.”

Norland student, Annabel, said “Marvellous makes it super easy and quick to apply for babysitting jobs around your work schedule. I can see the profile before arriving, so I feel safe and prepared for the booking. I just love that after a long night babysitting, I don’t have to have the awkward money discussion and hand over – Marvellous sorts this all out prior to the booking!”

a female Norland student talking to a mother holding a baby

Marvellous Babysitting founder and Norlander, Ella Trigwell, said “Our new partnership with Norland will help us enable more families to access Norland Nannies for short-term flexible childcare. As a Norlander, I experienced first-hand the importance of Norland’s rigorous training when looking after children and the reassurance that it provides to parents. I believe that every child deserves outstanding care, even if it’s just for an occasional evening or a single day. Marvellous, in partnership with Norland, now provides a way for busy families to quickly and easily access the trusted, quality childcare they need.’’

The Marvellous Babysitting app is now available for families based in and around London and Bath. The app will be available nationwide from 8 December. Simply download the app from the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.

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