The Norland uniform is part of Norland’s history and tradition, it was introduced to distinguish Norland graduates as professionals within the household. The uniform has adapted and changed over the years and is still worn whilst undergoing training at the college. Whenever you are in uniform you are representing Norland and there are certain expectations in place in order to uphold the international reputation Norland is famous for (see Expectations).

There is a formal uniform to be worn for college lectures and events and a practical uniform to be worn for practical training and placements. All uniform must be purchased from Norland’s supplier, excluding shoes which should be sourced independently. A full breakdown of the items and their costs can be found further down the page. 

Formal uniform

For female students the formal uniform consists of the dress and shrug. There is a distinction between summer and winter uniform through the changing of tights and glove colour.

  • Summer - light tights and white gloves. 
  • Winter - dark tights, brown gloves and coat. 

Hats and gloves should be worn at all times when outside, including travelling to and from college with your formal uniform and at formal functions. 

Winter coats should be buttoned and only worn with dark brown gloves and tights.

Shrug sleeves must not be pulled or rolled up and they must not be worn when working with babies.  

For male students the uniform remains the same throughout the year and consists of jacket, shirt, tie and trousers.  

Practical Uniform 

The practical uniform consists of dark blue trousers and jumper and a lighter blue polo shirt. There is also a practical jacket that can be worn when outside. Socks should be dark and plain. ​

The practical jacket is to be worn with the practical uniform only. 

Further information 

  • Shoes must be plain brown/leather (not suede or nubuck) flat lace-ups. 
  • A name badge will be given to you at the start of term. This is to be worn when in uniform on the left hand side. Exceptions are when attending your placement, unless staff request otherwise, when working in a baby unit, when walking without a coat or fleece through Bath or on public transport. 
  • White aprons are to be worn during Food and Nutrition practical sessions and washed and ironed after every use. 
  • Jewellery - only one pair of small plain stud earrings is to be worn in the earlobe. Visible body piercing or tattoos are not acceptable. Wrist watches must not be worn and fob watches are optional.  They should only be used with the practical uniform. 
  • Hair is to be cut or clipped / tied back off the collar in a bun and out of your eyes. Only dark brown hairbands, own hair coloured slides and bun nets are to be worn. 
  • Fingernails must be short, clean and without nail polish. 
  • If used, make up is to be discreet. 
  • Any tattoos must be covered at all times, if necessary with a clean flesh coloured plaster. 
  • Every item of the uniform must be clearly labelled.  
  • Whenever uniform is worn, it must be clean, tidy, ironed and worn correctly.​

Any student who leaves the college without successfully completing the three year BA (Hons) and Norland Diploma course is not entitled to wear his/her uniform at any time or call him/herself a Norlander.

Details about ordering the uniform will be sent to you once your place at Norland has been offered. The total cost of the Norland uniform is approximately £1,000 which should cover the 3 years of training at Norland. 

Norland uniform price list

Item Advised minimum quantity Purchased from Schoolblazer list price
Formal dress 2 Schoolblazer £67.50
Formal coat 1 Schoolblazer £309.00
Brown shrug 2 Schoolblazer £48.00
Formal hat 1 Schoolblazer £46.00
Brown opaque tights (winter) 4 Schoolblazer £7.00
Skin-coloured tights (summer) 4 A suitable retailer -
Brown gloves 2 Schoolblazer £9.90
White gloves 2 Schoolblazer £7.50
Dark tan/brown lace-up shoes (not nubuck) 1 A suitable retailer -
Brown or black bag   A suitable retailer -
Blue polo shirts 3 Schoolblazer £16.10
Navy blue jumper 2 Schoolblazer £30.00
Navy blue trousers 2 Schoolblazer or a suitable retailer* £38.00
White branded apron 1 Schoolblazer £13.10
Navy blue cotton apron 1 A suitable retailer -
Practical outdoor jacket 1 Schoolblazer £60.00
Umbrella Optional Schoolblazer £29.00
Navy fleece scarf Optional Schoolblazer £14.40
Brown pashmina Optional Schoolblazer £21.50
White shirt 2 Schoolblazer £34.00
Tweed blazer 1 Schoolblazer £175.00
Branded tie 1 Purchase directly from Norland College £12.00 (from Norland College)
Beige trousers 2 A suitable retailer -
Dark tan/brown lace-up shoes (not nubuck) 1 A suitable retailer -
Navy v-neck jumper 2 Schoolblazer £30.00
Navy blue trousers 2 Schoolblazer or a suitable retailer* £38.00
Outdoor jacket 1 Schoolblazer £60.00
Polo shirt 3 Schoolblazer £16.10
White branded apron 1 Schoolblazer £13.10
Navy blue cotton apron 1 A suitable retailer -
Umbrella Optional Schoolblazer £29.00
Brown knitted scarf Optional Schoolblazer £17.40


Please note: these costs are accurate as of May 2018. Uniform costs are subject to annual price increases from Schoolblazer. 

*Navy blue trousers can be purchased from Schoolblazer or sourced yourself from an independent retailer. However, if you decide to source your navy blue trousers yourself they must meet the following criteria:

  • Navy blue
  • Smart trousers (not jeans or leggings)
  • Straight cut (not skinny fit)
  • Full length
  • Male and female Norland College formal uniforms

  • The summer female formal uniform

  • The winter female formal uniform

  • The female practical uniform

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