Our Mission, Vision
and Values

Our mission

Norland’s mission is to uphold and enhance our prestigious reputation and provide a bespoke early years higher education, training and consultancy, informed by cutting edge research, and cultivate outstanding graduates with lifelong career opportunities, professional support and continuous learning.

Our vision

  • Norland College will continue to build a sustainable and prestigious national and international reputation as a unique and specialist Higher Education provider of lifelong education, training and employment for outstanding nannies and early years practitioners
  • Students will continue to experience the highest standard of provision and become knowledgeable and skilled graduates with excellent career prospects working in partnership with children, families and communities
  • The College will contribute to the early years sector by generating cutting edge research, training and consultancy to support the very best in early years provision and in related services both nationally and internationally
  • Norland Agency will actively promote, access and support to Norlanders to facilitate employment opportunities and continuing professional development
  • The College will proactively engage with stakeholders, the local and wider community, prospective clients and enhance Norland’s charitable activities
  • A cohesive, continuous and collaborative learning community will be developed that challenges and enhances the professionalism and expertise of its staff, students and graduates, draws on and promotes their strengths to drive progressive change, and generates leadership capability from within

Strategic aims (2017-2022)

  • The student journey: To position Norland as the leading Higher Education alternative provider of an integrated Early Years Development and Learning degree and the practical Norland Diploma, and to deliver an enriching and valuable learning experience which facilitates student engagement
  • The Norlander journey: To promote and facilitate excellent employment and lifelong professional development opportunities, and work jointly with Norlanders to uphold Norland’s prestigious reputation and code of professional responsibilities
  • Financial stewardship: To ensure Norland’s finances and resources are managed and protected with care, proficiency and probity, and to diversify where appropriate
  • Quality of services: To ensure the maintenance of academic standards and facilitate the enhancement of learning opportunities, and to strengthen quality throughout all departments in Norland through reflective, cutting edge education, research, training and/or practice, so that all staff and students participate in improving the processes, products, services and culture of Norland
  • Research and consultancy profile: To develop a credible and ethical research and consultancy profile, evidence base and network which reflects the high quality and standard of Norland’s provision and enhances staff and student research expertise, strengthening Norland’s capacity to transform children’s lives
  • Professional development: To generate a cohesive, empowering and inclusive learning community to drive progressive change and collaborative approaches within and beyond Norland College, where all staff, students and clients can enrich their professionalism, wellbeing, leadership capacity and insights into early years provision
  • Growth for sustainability: To sustain and enhance Norland’s national and international reputation for excellence in early childhood education and care and to expand its activities in stakeholder environments, as well as diversify Norland’s student demographic to reflect Norland’s widening participation agenda
  • Community engagement: To extend Norland’s tradition of charitable activities and proactively explore opportunities to engage with stakeholders, the wider community and prospective clients



  • Treat individuals with dignity and consideration
  • Listen to, acknowledge and respond to stakeholders needs
  • Value the contribution of others
  • Value and embrace diversity


  • Consistently deliver and exceed expectations
  • Allow personal and professional integrity to be our guiding value in all we do
  • Foster positive relationships both internally and externally
  • Take ownership of robust policies and procedures
  • Promote and support expertise in every area of the business
  • Pioneer research within the early years field


  • Demonstrate a positive attitude internally and externally
  • Make a positive contribution to wider Norland activities; participate positively in discussions and decision making
  • Go above and beyond for the good of Norland
  • Work hard and do our best in everything we do
  • Enjoy responsibility and be accountable for actions
  • Work together to solve problems and improve practice
  • Celebrate the achievements of self and others


  • Think and act in positive, unique and independent ways; consider solutions rather than barriers
  • Empower others to share ideas and opinions, listen to and engage with them positively
  • Support others to grow and develop by sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Be enthusiastic about our day to day work and the work of Norland
  • Be a role model, demonstrate Norland’s values and behaviours in order to preserve and enhance the reputation of Norland
  • Promote a culture of maximum performance and recognition
  • Challenge behaviour that is not aligned to Norland’s values