a female Norland Nanny student holding a folder
23 November 2022 / Media mentions

Student from world’s most prestigious nanny school explains what it’s like to be ‘Real life Mary Poppins’ (Tyla; Mail Online; Mirror)

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a male Norland Nanny student holding a smiling baby
3 October 2022 / Media mentions

Julia Gaskell shares advice on leaving your baby with a childminder, nanny or nursery for the first time (Having a Baby)

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a girl wearing a cape smiling with a female Norland Nanny student
8 August 2022 / Media mentions

Norland shares expert tips on how to support children returning to school after the summer holidays (Hello!)

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a male Norland student at graduation wearing his gowns
13 May 2022 / Media mentions

Exclusive college for nannies insists it’s more than a ‘posh finishing school’ (University Times)

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Two females holding a frame announcing the launch of a new babysitting app
11 May 2022 / Media mentions

Marvellous Babysitting app launched in partnership with Norland Nannies (Bath and Wiltshire Parent)

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Heritage, ethos & vision

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Why study at Norland

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The Norland reputation

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