Norland Diploma – 
practical training

All Norland Nannies are qualified to a minimum of a level 3 Early Years qualification that enables them to work independently with children. The course offered at Norland College has evolved and changed over the years to ensure that we are offering the most up to date training to our students and our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses keep our nannies up to date.

Norland College currently offers a degree qualification, BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning, more information on which can be found here. The qualification of your Norland Nanny may be different, refer to their CV or ask the Agency for details of this.

Norland places a strong focus on its graduates keeping their skills and knowledge surrounding the care and education of children up to date. We offer a range of CPD courses, held at the weekends exclusively for Norland graduates and ask that employers support their nannies in this.

In addition to their academic qualification, all Norland Nannies have successfully completed the Norland Diploma. This qualification is unique to Norland and is what sets our graduates apart.

The aim of the Norland Diploma is to teach Norland Nannies all of the practical skills required to care for and educate children. Whilst at college, Norland Nannies learn about food and nutrition including how to cook for children; how to engage children in their learning through creativity; all of the practical skills needed to care for children aged 0-8 and gain a wealth of experience on placement working with children. All of the elements of the Norland Diploma are underpinned by their academic studies and the latest research and best practice standards in Early Years.

Experienced practitioners - the final element of the Norland Diploma is completion of 1 year full time working as a nanny within a family home, known as the Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) year. This ensures that all of our fully qualified Norland Nannies are not only excellent practitioners on paper, but have demonstrated this through a year of practical experience working as a nanny. Read more about the NQN year here.

Whilst students are at College they undertake a number of Placements; for more information about Placements and to request a Placement student, click here

Throughout their training and their careers, Norland Nannies must adhere to the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities. If they are found to be in breach of this code, they can be removed from the Register following a decision by the Disciplinary Committee which means that they are no longer able to obtain a job through the Norland Employment Agency or to refer to themselves as a Norlander / Norland Nurse / Norland Nanny.

  • All Qualified Norland Nannies have:

    • An Early Years qualification, qualifying them to a minimum of level 3
    • A minimum of 1 year experience working as a nanny
    • The Norland Diploma certificate and badge