Norland Code of
Professional Responsibilities

Throughout their training and whilst in employment, Norland Nannies (Norlanders) must adhere to the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities. If a Norlander is found to be in breach of the Norland College Code of Professional Responsibilities, he/she can be removed from the Register following a decision by the Disciplinary Committee.

Removal from the register means that he/she is no longer able to obtain a job through the Norland Employment Agency or to refer to him/herself as a Norlander / Norland Nurse / Norland Nanny.

It is expected that each Norlander shall act at all times in such a manner as to justify trust and confidence. This applies during the three-year full time training course and thereafter whilst working with children and their families.

This Code of Professional Responsibilities forms a basis for any disciplinary process.

The Code of Professional Responsibilities is subject to review by Norland. Suggestions and comments for consideration in the review will be welcomed in order to maintain quality provision and relevance and should be submitted by email to