Norland Maternity Practitioners are fully qualified Norland Nannies who have a minimum of one year’s nannying experience and are either qualified through experience or have completed a Maternity Practitioners course focusing specifically in the care of new born babies and new families.


Maternity Practitioners usually work 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week, usually for a period of several weeks ranging to several months. They help care for the newborn baby / babies and provide support and guidance to the family.

Maternity Practitioners work 24 hours per day and tend to sleep in the same room as the baby / babies at night so that they can manage / help with the night feeds. If the baby is being breast fed, the Maternity Practitioner can bring the baby / babies to the mother to be fed and then resettle the baby / babies afterwards.

A Maternity Practitioner will work with the family supporting them in the care of their new born(s), including, when appropriate, giving guidance and support on techniques for bathing, feeding (either breast or bottle) and routines to suit the family’s lifestyle.

Points to note

It is normal practice for a Maternity Practitioners to request a deposit (a holding fee). The deposit is usually equivalent to 2 weeks of their fee and is paid at the time of the booking being confirmed and then deducted from the final invoice. Should the baby / babies arrive after the agreed start date, the Maternity Nurse is usually paid a retainer fee (a waiting fee).  This fee is normally 50% of the contracted daily / weekly fee.  Depending on the circumstances during this time the Maternity Nurse may be happy to provide their services to help with any older children.

In the event of a premature birth, your booked Maternity Practitioner may not be available to start earlier than planned, however Norland Agency will do all it can to find another Maternity Nurse to fill in until your booked Maternity Nurse can start.

When working 24 hours a day, families must recognise that the Maternity Practitioner will need a rest break.  Norland would recommend a Maternity Practitioner be given a minimum of 3 hours rest break per 24 hour period.

Maternity Practitioner rates vary according to the Practitioner's experience and whether they are responsible for a single baby, twins or higher multiples.

Maternity Practitioners are self-employed and are responsible for paying their own tax and National Insurance.