The Italian photographer Guia Besana spent time with students at Norland in 2018 and 2019. Her series explores the heritage of Norland, our students and their training. The photographs were taken prior to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements.

Please note that there is statement in this piece that implies we select middle class students. This is not the case. Norland actively encourages applications from students from a wide range of backgrounds. We have several continuing initiatives in place that specifically target students of different gender, minority groups and less-advantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Some of these targets are beginning to be met, such as the vast majority of our students arriving from state-funded education, rather than private schools. We also offer bursaries to support those from under-represented groups at Norland. Please read our widening participation statement for further information.

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Heritage, ethos & vision

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BA (Hons) degree & diploma

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The Norland reputation

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