After nannying, Helen went on to complete her teacher training and now teaches in a reception class in Twickenham.

“I decided to go to Norland because I’d always loved working with children and finding out about Norland just seemed to be the answer to all my questions. I never really knew where I wanted to go, and it just seemed to fit perfectly.”

“I’d always been quite average at school, never really knowing what I wanted to do. It just felt like everything came together at Norland. I suddenly felt good at what I was doing and I really, really enjoyed seeing the children go from babies to beautiful young people.”

female holding child

“After nannying, I decided to go and do my teacher training. I’ve always had a passion working with young children in the early years and Norland really did open doors for what I’m doing now.”

“I feel like Norland is still really behind me with being a teacher and then some more. I feel like there are so many opportunities.

“For anyone who has a love of children and really wants to make a difference to their lives, I would say go to Norland. It has opened so many doors for me. If you feel like you need a starting point for your life working with children, it’s the best place to go.”

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