Chloe describes her daily role as a Norland Nanny and the joy of caring for a young child from an early age. 

“Having started with him from such a young baby at 6 months, it’s been really nice to watch him sitting, weaning, crawling, standing, walking, talking. The first time he says your name, it’s just a heart-touching moment. It’s been really nice to watch his development and watch him grow.”


child and female nanny doing arts and crafts

The wide variety of experiences that we had while we were at Norland and while we were training and the different things that we were taught and able to learn I think prepared us really well for the job in the real world. 

“Such a well-known and well-respected organisation, and to have trained there is something to be proud of and something that I will always be grateful for. And the opportunities that are available to me from having trained at Norland are I think quite special.”

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