Lily’s Story

Lily’s Norland education took her from being a nanny to working as a teacher with autistic children.

“Norland was a fantastic place to study, and its support and guidance remains second to none.”

Lily graduated from Norland in 2015 and her story shows the highly transferable skills Norland provides its students, having worked as a nanny, a teacher and now studying for a Master’s in Education.

“Through my childhood and teenage years, I had fantastic role models in the form of teachers; there was one who particularly inspired me, as he would constantly tell me “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” and it was with this in mind that I chose Norland.

There are so many options available to anyone who wants to study early years – university, apprenticeships, and college courses to mention a few, but Norland stands out as the best in the country – the staff have a wealth of experience, it is a small setting which allows a personal feel, and the mix of practical and theory based work is invaluable.

After leaving Norland, I completed my probationary post with an amazing family in London (we still keep in touch) and then moved back to Bath to work for another family as I wanted to be closer to home.

I left there and began working as a Teaching Assistant in a special needs school focusing on autism. Whilst there, I decided to apply for a Primary PGCE, which I completed, and graduated with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and Primary PGCE in 2017. I then secured my first teaching position within an autism base attached to a mainstream school. I am now entering my third year. I do temporary nanny jobs and most holidays work for a family in the town near me.

Norland was a fantastic place to study, and its support and guidance remains second to none. Norland has provided many career opportunities, and it has given me confidence in advising others, as well as implementing various skills in day-to-day life. I wanted a different type of challenge, and becoming a teacher allows me to use the knowledge I gained through Norland in addition to what I learnt throughout my PGCE year.

Norland really was the best place for me as I was provided with structure, practical elements, theory and lectures and the wealth of knowledge of the staff team. I would recommend Norland without hesitation, as even though there are other brilliant courses at different establishments, the small, supportive environment provides a nurturing feel and the broad range of education we were privileged enough to have has really allowed me to grow as a professional. Where else would you have a lecture on Bronfenbrenners Ecological Theory and its impact on child development on a Monday, go skid pan training on a Tuesday, and spend Wednesday party planning and decorating birthday cakes?

There are many easier routes into childcare. I don’t believe in making things easy for myself (certainly true as I am about to embark on my Master’s in Education) and I feel that in order to become the best, you should strive and aim high, and surround yourself with people who have the same goals. 

The small intake each year means that successful candidates are the most passionate about their chosen career choice. The name precedes you; it affords you opportunities, it is highly transferrable. The course takes dedication and self-discipline but once you graduate, wearing that world-renowned uniform, you truly understand the uniqueness of being a Norlander.”