Maternity Practitioner

Supporting the family of a
newborn baby

Maternity Practitioners have a privileged role to care for and support the family of a newborn baby. Positions are often short term, from 6-12 weeks and hours are usually 24 hours a day, 5-6 days per week. You will be with the family to help support with feeding, sleeping and routines with their new born baby.

Responsibilities of a Maternity Practitioner include:

  • Caring for the newborn baby - feeding, bathing, changing and settling the baby to sleep.
  • Caring for the mother who may need support breastfeeding or who may have had a caesarean.
  • Helping the parents to set up routines and learning how to care for their new baby.

Norland usually recommends that graduates work as Norland Nannies for a few years before considering Maternity Practitioning so that they gain confidence, skills and experience to then progress into this specialist area. Norland offers a 2 day Maternity Practitioner course for Norlanders that can be completed to qualify at level 4 as a Maternity Practitioner and then Maternity Nurse Positions are available through Norland Agency. Please note: this course is for qualified Norland Nannies only. Average salaries for Norland Maternity Practitioners can be found here

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