Norland College’s governance structure has been developed so that it holds true to the principles and requirements of good governance in higher education.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Norland College and as such has statutory responsibility and strategic oversight of the College ensuring that it remains solvent, fulfils the strategic aims and is accountable to our stakeholders; as well as ensuring the maintenance of academic standards and the enhancement of the student learning experience, having in place the physical and human resources to meet the needs of its students.

In conducting its affairs in a responsible and transparent way, Norland College is guided by the Committee of University Chairs’ Higher Education Code of Governance.

On this page you will find the Terms of Reference of our Board and committees and the most recent minutes of the Board. For profiles of our Board members click here

Committee and Organisational Structure

Norland College Committee Structure
Norland College Organisational Structure

Governance documents

Audit Committee Terms of Reference
Board of Directors Terms of Reference
Academic Board Terms of Reference
Enterprise Committee Terms of Reference
Executive Terms of Reference
Finance Committee Terms of Reference
Nominations and Governance Committee Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Board Minutes

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June 2018
March 2018
December 2017
October 2017
June 2017