T has always put the children first. She organises activities during the school holidays that aligns with their ages such as taking them to Kew Gardens, the London Museums, to the various parks and adventure playgrounds. She is aware of our limitations on budget, so she does as much of the cheaper or free activities on offer. One thing they absolutely love is a day on the trains and buses and they just ad-lib it around London! Every single time, I have happy children coming home to me.

She involves the children in her cooking, and has designated ‘baking’ days where they all know they have to wash their hands and put on an apron before they start. They all have their roles assigned to them, for example, one child measures the ingredients, one child has a turn in mixing, one child does the chopping and another may do the tasting…they all take in turns and in time, they have become experts at numbers and counting.

All the children know to wait for T before crossing the road, and the youngest regularly stops at the road as well – he is now two and a half years old. T has managed four very active and lively children for the last 18 months… they are now two, four, six and eight years old. Not only that, but she also home schooled them throughout lockdown which is an amazing feat in itself. All this with a smile on her face, saying how much she enjoys them.

They are safe in her hands, and she has earned our full respect and trust. She has scored top marks from us at the end of her Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) year appraisal and she is half way through her second year with us. She tidies their bedrooms, makes them delicious meals, takes the youngest out for various activities while the other three are at school, plans meals by documenting in a meal planner, plans activities during the school holidays and she manages to have fun with them too. She is a complete natural. Thank you for choosing our family.