M was an absolute godsend. I came out of hospital with twin babies, absolutely clueless! I wanted to have nicely sleeping easy children as I lost both of my parents during my pregnancy and had no other family bar my husband and elderly grandmother. M completely took on board our family’s needs and adapted to fit in with exactly our vision helping us practically and emotionally to adapt to our new arrivals.

In addition, M had to help us look after my three step children who were 8, 10 and 13 at the time. My youngest stepson is dyslexic and M was amazing with him, bolstering his low self esteem and empowering him, helping him to shape into the most amazing man that he is today working successfully in the music industry. M always had the most amazing ideas for museums, exhibitions, and wonderful things for all the children to do!

She tapped into everyone’s interests and talents and inspired us all! When our babies were three months old, my husband and I had to go on a business trip to Hong Kong for three months. We had no hesitation in leaving our young babies in the sole care of M with fun updates from her such as lovely pictures of the twins being carried around in a wash basket or laughing together on a basket swing in a park. She fully supported me as a mother going through a challenging emotional time having just lost my parents. M has always been kind, loving, supportive in every way and entirely professional in everything she has done for our family. We are so grateful!

She was always up to date with the latest research into childcare and education and has helped as the children have got older, as our youngest three all turned out to have dyslexia too, with one of the twins appearing to be on the spectrum with which M has been of invaluable help. The twins are now safely ensconced doing music at Leeds Conservatoire and English at Bristol University with a lot of the credit going to M.

She continues to speak and coach them regularly as my husband, their father, died last year and they have been devastated. I’ve often relied on M to phone them up and talk them through things when I wasn’t able to. Our youngest has benefited from all the above with dyslexic help, creative stimulation and an intellectual input. He wants to be an astrophysicist and M is always sending him interesting articles etc to spark his interest. She has also been very caring in contacting him regularly since his father’s death.

M kept our children completely safe (she still does!) at all times, and would be in constant contact with me when we were away. We trusted her implicitly at all times. She is always up to date with the latest research and always informing us in an interesting way. All of this has been very helpful and all of our six children have benefited in some way from this. We now have two professional musicians, one book editor/publisher, one musician in training, one writer in training and a hopeful astrophysicist in the family all in due part to M’s enthusiasm and inspiring influence. She has always communicated efficiently, consistently and professionally at all times.

On the death of my beloved grandmother, M was there for us. Attending her funeral, helping with the children, being my rock. Latterly since my husband died last year and no longer working for us, she has been a power of strength for us. Helping with absolutely everything! Staying to look after me for two weeks when she didn’t need to, talking to the children by WhatsApp day or night when they needed her help. She has gone beyond the call of duty! More recently when my eldest son was struggling with mental health issues due to his father’s death it was easier for him talk to M than me as she was more removed from the situation. She has been coaching him, bolstering him and encouraging him in her usual amazing way! She’s been doing the same with my girl twin who was also struggling with the loss of her father and starting university. I am so very grateful!