L consistently upholds and even surpasses the standards set by Norland when interacting with my children. She unfailingly arrives early each day with a positive, indefatigable attitude, ready to engage with my children on their level. She masterfully picks up on their interests, expanding their ideas into crafts, sports games, and meal/snack preparation. L naturally goes the extra mile, whether by artfully arranging their meals in a playful and appetising way to picking up on my children’s cues and stepping in with appropriate emotion coaching, or brainstorming with me to find a positive solution to a myriad of changing behavioural needs of my four children as they enter and exit different developmental phases. L’s calm, kind, unflappable demeanour sets a great example for all four of my children on a daily basis. Her respectful, curious and engaging approach has earned the trust and goodwill of my four children.

L is continually seeking to augment her already impressive knowledge. When discussing problems with eating, sleeping, or behavior she presents me with what she believes is the best solution while thoroughly explaining why and what the other options are. She has fit in seamlessly during a rather challenging period of homeschooling three children last winter, drawing upon her Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) knowledge and maintaining a thoroughly professional attitude despite the demanding circumstances.

L quite simply leads with her heart. She truly cares about each and every child in her care and it shows. She has never once shied away from a challenging circumstance, instead she has risen to the occasion each time, all while genuinely having a smile on her face and love in her heart. I am a much better parent after having her in my home.