Maternity Practitioner

Maternity Practitioners are usually employed for up to 6 months. More information about the role and duties of a Maternity Practitioner can be found here.

Position Hours Salary Range
All salaries are quoted in gross per 24 hours
Maternity Practitioner 24 hours £210-£300+
Maternity Practitioner (multiple births) 24 hours £260-£335+


Our Maternity Practitioners are quite often registered as self-employed, and in this case would be responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance.

Maternity Practitioner Placement Fees

For Maternity Practitioner placements, any repeat bookings must be notified to Norland Agency as additional Agency fees may be applicable as per the Maternity Practitioner Position Terms and Conditions.

Maternity Practitioner 24 hours: £60 + VAT 
48 or more hours: £30 + VAT per 24 hours


Norland Agency proudly supports the charity TAMBA, and offers all TAMBA members a discount on the Agency fees.

For Maternity Practitioners the placement fee for TAMBA members is reduced to £25 + VAT per 24 hours (on placements of 48 hours or more).

Every effort will be made to introduce suitable applicants, but the final decision to engage a Norland Maternity Practitioners must be the employer's responsibility. Please note - names of Maternity Practitioners are given to employers in the strictest confidence. Should they be passed on to other employers and subsequently engaged, the usual placement fee will be charged.

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