lady in a field smiling
23 April 2020 / Blog

“Education can happen anywhere, not just in a classroom”: Advice on homeschooling during lockdown

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boy and Norland nanny in a garden
17 April 2020 / Blog

17 strategies to help your child develop good behaviour

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2 children doing arts and crafts with Norland nannies
9 April 2020 / Blog

Homebased activities: Ideas for keeping your little (and big) ones busy

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stack of cookies
2 April 2020 / Blog

Baking cookies without eggs and flour

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bowl of red soup
2 April 2020 / Blog

Using leftover vegetables to make a delicious homemade soup

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a student helping to put on a little girl's welly boots
31 March 2020 / Blog

Supporting and guiding children during stressful times

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child and Norland nanny washing hands
30 March 2020 / Blog

Talking to children about coronavirus

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Female headshot
20 March 2020 / Blog

Keep calm and look for the helpers!

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large norland hat etching icon

Heritage, ethos & vision

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large sewing machine, which is taught on the diploma, etching icon

BA (Hons) degree & diploma

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large student badge etching icon

The Norland reputation

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