For our 130th anniversary, we’re celebrating the variety and diversity of careers that Norlanders go on to enjoy after graduating from Norland. 

After qualifying in 1992, Allie (Set 7) enjoyed a variety of careers including working as a Special Needs Learning Assistant and a Nursery School Assistant. We spoke to her about how her training supported her with these roles and the careers open to Norlanders beyond nannying. 

“My name is Allie and I was at Norland from 1990 until 1992. I was in Set 7 at Denford Park in Hungerford. I’ve had many amazing jobs and opportunities since leaving Norland. One opportunity was working as a Special Needs Learning Assistant at a school in Surrey.

I worked with several children with special educational needs, including ADHD, Asperger’s, Speech Delay and Down Syndrome. The role involved working one-to-one with each child, recognising their strengths and challenges, and then implementing activities to help them with their learning. This covered all aspects of their learning from physical to emotional as well as educational – working closely with the teacher and other external staff like occupational therapists. 

My Norland training supported me in this role by teaching me about the child as an individual and about the importance of well-rounded care to all children. To be kind, caring and patient, even when they are finding it challenging or overwhelming.

This type of role is extremely rewarding. When the child starts to relate, trust and respond to you, it’s amazing. 

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Working as a Nursery Assistant

Norlanders don’t need to be restricted to being a nanny. There are various settings they can work in with children and a wide range of careers where Norland training can be applied and developed. Norland provides an excellent base and the knowledge gained can then be built upon. 

I’ve also worked as a Nursery Assistant in three different nurseries. One working as head of the baby room, one working in the toddler room, and as an interim nursery teacher. Duties involved providing stimulating activities for all children, working alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and providing observation reports, potty training, weaning, bottle feeding, maintaining and adapting routines and interacting with parents.  

My Norland training has helped me with all these roles as we had many practical experiences working in the Bluebell day care nusery unit at Denford Park which instilled confidence and practical experience, helping me to adapt and use the knowledge I had learned.”

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How my Norland training has supported me

Working in a nursery is great if you enjoy working with multiple children, as part of a team and like to have a routine to follow. I enjoyed monitoring children alongside the EYFS framework and seeing them progress as well as developing activities to encourage milestones.  

My Norland training has supported my career considerably. The range of placement opportunities that were given to us, from working in a hospital, working in a school and then our probationary year (now known as the Newly Qualified Nanny or NQN year) were all fantastic learning experiences which I have built upon over the years. Training with my set also bonded us all, and I’m in touch with many of them today. The friendships I’ve made at Norland have also been invaluable.”

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