Vice Principal, Head of Quality and Standards and Registrar, Mandy Edmond will speak at the national Westminster Higher Education Forum policy conference on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in January 2023.  

Mandy will discuss the impact of TEF from the perspective of small, specialist higher education providers, and the benefits and challenges of participation. Norland previously held two TEF Gold rated awards – the highest standard possible in the UK’s national assessment of undergraduate teaching. 

This timely conference brings together stakeholders with regulators to discuss the new TEF and exercise for 2023 – including the introduction of new regulatory requirements in student outcomes. 

Delegates will hear latest thinking and updates from the Office for Students as final adjustments are made ahead of the submission deadline on 24 January 2023 and learn from peers in preparation for submissions in future years. 

Conference sessions examine the process for the gathering and presentation of data to demonstrate excellence in the student experience, incorporating evidence from across student groups and subjects, with a keynote speech from Graeme Rosenberg, Head of TEF at the Office for Students.  


A female headshot
A female headshot

Mandy Edmond discusses the importance of TEF at the Westminster Higher Education Forum

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