We are delighted to announce Norland Principal Dr Janet Rose as the first Patron of the national Regulation Matters Campaign. The patronage reflects her belief in the registration of nannies and regulation of nanny agencies in the UK.

Norland has supported the Regulation Matters campaign for many years. One of the main aims of the campaign is to bring to public attention the fact that the nanny sector is not regulated in the UK and could, potentially, pose a real threat to the safeguarding of children cared for in their own homes.

Dr Rose’s role as the campaign’s first patron will bring some much-needed attention to the current situation, in particular, the threat to safeguarding.

“As Principal of the hugely respected Norland College, she brings much-needed support at such a challenging time for the whole childcare and early years workforce”.

Dr Janet Rose said of her patronage: “I am delighted to accept Regulation Matters’ invitation to become the campaign’s first patron. I am especially pleased to hold this position given that Norland was established in 1892 as the very first educational establishment to offer childcare training, a revolutionary notion at the time, and continues to champion the professionalisation of nannies. I am passionately committed to increasing the regulation of the nanny profession so that we can ensure that all young children can enjoy a high quality and safe environment. I look forward to supporting this critical national campaign”.

The Regulation Matters Campaign was formed in 2006. The campaign is unique in that its focus is on campaigning for the professionalism of the nanny sector, by calling for the registration of nannies and regulation of nanny agencies.

Over the years, and after numerous meetings with ministers and ministerial government departments, Regulation Matters has been able to raise awareness, following which, nannies can now choose to register on the Voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register.  However, it is still the case that anyone can call themselves a nanny and anyone can set up a nanny agency which is why our campaign to have nannies registered and nanny agencies regulated continues.

The campaign includes some of the most respected childcare and education organisations UK wide.  Working together, Regulation Matters establishes the ‘Nanny Sector’ as a major contributor to the childcare and early years workforce.

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Tricia Pritchard, Regulation Matters Campaign Chair, said: “It is an honour to welcome Janet as our first Patron and I would like to thank her for the support and dedication she has shown to our campaign. As Principal of the hugely respected Norland College, she brings much-needed support at such a challenging time for the whole childcare and early years workforce, enabling us to continue our work with nannies countrywide and we look forward to working closely with Janet in the months ahead”.

Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland College, has had a long-standing career in early years education, training, and provision both nationally and internationally. She has worked at Norland for over four years and oversaw the acquisition of degree awarding powers, beginning the pathway for Norland to become the first specialist early years university in the world.  Before joining Norland, she was an Associate Professor and has an established track record of senior leadership in Higher Education.  She has led large degree programmes in early years education and early childhood, as well as MA and doctoral degrees, alongside early years teacher training at a number of universities. As a former teacher and early years practitioner, she has worked in a variety of early years settings and schools both in England and Europe. She is the recipient of two ‘Outstanding Teaching’ student awards and has a national profile as an early years expert. She is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker at national conferences such as the National Day Nurseries Association and the Centre of Child Mental Health.

She is the author of numerous academic publications including co-authorship of three books. She is also the founder of Emotion Coaching UK and regularly contributes to professional early years publications. Janet is passionately committed to raising the status of the early years professional, including nannies. Her entire career has been dedicated to the advancement of young children’s potential and wellbeing and the adults that support them.

The Regulation Matters Campaign’s mission is to involve all nannies and nanny agencies in making nanny registration and the regulation of nanny agencies something we can all work positively towards, engaging the whole nanny sector in the process of change and accountability. Janet is proud to be part of this important and necessary campaign.

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