Norland Nanny

An exciting and varied

A career as a Norland Nanny can be exciting and varied and offer you a world of opportunity to travel. The role of a Norland Nanny involves taking responsibility for every aspect of a child’s or children's well-being, care and development. This includes planning activities and outings appropriate to their age and interests; tracking each child’s learning and development; cooking, cleaning and laundry, but only for the children. Every family is different, so every role brings exciting new challenges.  Every child is unique, meaning no two days will ever be the same. The bond you build with your charges, the children in your care, as a Nanny is very special.

Norland Nannies either ‘live in’ the family home or are ‘daily’ and have their own accommodation. Live in Nannies work up to 12 hours per day but do not have to travel to their work place or pay for their own accommodation. Daily Nannies work up to 10 hours per day as they need to commute to and from the family home of their employers.

Some Nannies will travel with the family when they go on holiday, this offers exciting opportunities to travel whilst still working.

Norland Nannies are highly sought after and therefore salaries are highly competitive and vary depending on the location and hours of a job. Overseas positions generally command higher salaries. Find out what you can earn as a Norland Nanny on the Norland Agency salary guidlines.

World-renowned for the exceptional quality of its early years higher education and training, Norland offers a BA (Hons) in Early Years Learning and Development and integrated Norland Diploma for aspiring childcare practitioners. With the Norland degree and diploma as a firm foundation, Norland graduates go on to work in many different roles in the childcare industry. Find out more about our degree with a difference.